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As I predicted, I like this ep better and better with each re-watch. In fact, had they not already done two previous meta eps, (and perhaps had I been unspoiled for it) I think I would really have liked it better at first blush than I did.

This way to the thinky . . .  )
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I've been wanting and meaning to write up some thoughts that have occurred to me regarding Show over the past couple of days. The problem is, when the thoughts are clear and enumerated in my head, I'm too busy stop and write them, and when I have the time to write them, they're back to being muddled.

But we'll give it a try anyway. )

I think that's it. I'm still adjusting to the time change, and my body is ready to go to bed now.

Geo and I are getting ready to celebrate our 15th anniversary on Thursday. We'll be spending the evening with the Family--the Addams Family, of course--at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. We are so looking forward to it.
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Last year's thoughts on early-ish S3.

Not a whole lot to say about these three eps, because they're pretty much continuing apace with what's been going on.

Further thoughts behind the cut, though I think the spoiler warnings are long expired on this stuff. )
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I wrote about "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Kids Are Alright" last year.

Here's what little I have to add. )

AHBL 1 &2

Jul. 13th, 2010 12:02 pm
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This is another ep (or combo of eps, as the case may be) that has had umpteen bajillion things written about it, and I'm sure I couldn't really say anything that hasn't already been said. It's a great season-ender and breaks my heart every freakin' time.

In light of where we ended up in S5 . . . )
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Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day to my American flisties.

"We've spawned a new race here, Mr. Dikinson. Rougher, simpler; more violent, more enterprising; less refined. We're a new nationality. We require a new nation." ~Benjamin Franklin, 1776

I'm so proud and thankful to be an American. My American-ness is part of who I am. We have in this country a little bit of everything: a little bit of every climate (from the frozen north of Alaska to the tropical palms of Hawaii, and everything in between); peoples from all over the world; a rich history, some of which I'm quite proud of, and other parts of which not so much and must be learned from so as not to repeat. We have a rich and varied culture, influenced by many other cultures, and to see something that is "truly American" fills me with glee. (Example: peanut butter mochi. Mochi is a distinctly Japanese/Asian treat--pressed rice wrapped around a frozen, flavored bean paste. Ah, but in Little Tokyo in L.A., you can get peanut butter mochi. Peanuts are a native New World crop, and peanut butter is uniquely American. Wrap your scoop of peanut butter ice cream in a pressed rice wrapper, and you have a uniquely Japanese-American treat, something you wouldn't be able to create anywhere else in the world.) The variety of our dialects is fascinating, and we've developed a diverse array of industry and agriculture.

We won our independence, yet we re-established relations with the country from which we won said independence, and we have been and are allies. This makes me just as proud as being American.

So today, my American flisties, enjoy the fireworks (if they weren't done last night). Enjoy family and friends. And remember the brave men and women who started us on this great experiment of a democratic republic, and who recognized the need for this new nationality to grow and prosper as an independent nation.

God bless America.
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First, Provenance is an excellent episode. I'm always delighted with the brother banter and the smooth criminals and the creepy and the guest star of that ep. Good, good stuff.

As I said, I finished up S1 yesterday it got me thinking )
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I had planned to post this last week, to work through some depression and all. Then [livejournal.com profile] girlyghoul70 sent me that hilarious piccie. And I had a very good weekend. So I'm feeling much better (though still very sleepy from my current meds).

But I want to share what's up, because now that we've had the season finale, which for all intents and purposes was the end of the five-year arc, it would seem I'm approaching the summer a bit differently.

Times They Are A'Changin' )


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