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Here be an index of some things that my readers and general passers-by might be interested in. All my Still Life research and much of my writing, all in one place. Wow.

Project Still Life Recap )

Supernatural fic )

Fun with SPN Trivia

Numb3rs fic index

Crochet projects

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Hi, all!

The theater where I used to work full-time is in danger of closing. We have an unexpected budgetary shortfall (the specifics are a little complicated, but we thought we would be able to accept funding that it turns out we're not allowed to), and if we don't make up the deficit by Dec. 31, the theater will close.

To this end, in addition to the local asks that our campaign leader is making, a lot of us who love the theater are posting to social media to promote our on-line fundraiser.

Save the State . . . Fund Our Future

Geo and I have missed having fully staged community theater, and the thought of the venue closing permanently makes my heart hurt. I'm currently playing The Charwoman in a production of A Christmas Carol being staged at the theater, and the thought of full-scale community theater losing its venue just as we finish up our first production makes me very sad.

J comes to rehearsals with us quite often, and I'm saddened also by the though of him not having access to the arts.

Please consider, if you can, contributing a little bit to our cause. Every little bit helps, and time is of the essence.

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It's official. Baby J. is an official, legally-approved-and-signed-off-on member of our family!
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Hello all who might still be reading this LJ. :-)

A very merry Christmas, happy holiday, and happy New Year to you. I haven't been too prolific of late, but I do stop by and check my f-page on a fairly regular basis.

Baby J had a wonderful first Christmas! His morning was so great that Christmassed himself out and crashed mid-morning. He's an adorable little guy--and he knows it! Hard to believe his first birthday is coming up in just over two weeks!

Geo is doing well and loving his new role as daddy. He also got to present a project he worked on, restoring the silent film Ramona, at MoMA in November.

My work/income situation has become somewhat uncertain; the theater is going dark in January, and I as part time hourly (since Baby J came home) will not be getting any hours probably until March at the earliest (January dark, February programming light). In the hopes of bringing in a little extra spending money, I'm placing some of my crochet items up for sale. I currently have several baby blankets, a "popcorn and cranberry" garland, and a pink ruffle scarf available. If anyone is interested in anything, would like more information, or would like to make a request, please let me know. We can discuss particulars. :-)

I hope everyone is having a grand holiday/end of 2014. May 2015 be joyous for us all!

P.S. I miss you, LJ peeps.
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So that baby blanket I entered in a county fair in July? I got a blue ribbon! )
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Enter something in a county fair. I just got back a little while ago from entering one of my crochet baby blankets in the Orange County Fair. I'm not expecting a blue ribbon, certainly, but I would be tickled if I got an honorable mention or something. We'll find out on Thursday.

I've never entered anything in a fair before.
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Hey, all.

I know a few of you on my f-list remember TS (The Sentinel, 1996 TV show, starring Richard Burgi, Garrett Maggart, and Bruce A. Young). I was really active in the fandom back in the day, and I was able to collect several copies of the drafts of various episode scripts. After a chaotic weekend in the basement, I've decided that it's time to part with these scripts. We need the room, and with a little one in the family now, and my working almost zero hours at my job (I'm more of a substitute house manager now, only working 1-3 days a month), every extra penny helps.

If anyone here is interested in seeing a list of the scripts and prices, or knows of anyone who might be interested, or knows of any communities this announcement could be posted to, please let me know. I don't imagine the fandom is as active as it used to be, since only one season was ever made available on DVD, and to my knowledge, the show is not gaining new fans with re-runs in syndication. Still, there might be someone who's interested, and any boost of this signal is much appreciated.

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Greetings, all!

The Road So Far . . .  )

Now . . .

As you might guess from the above narrative, we’ve paid our adoption fees in full to the agency. However, in order to apply for monies we will need for his infant and toddler development therapy, we’re having to go through an additional court hearing, which will incur additional costs (it's all explained on our fundraiser page). We’re asking for help in covering those court costs. Please consider donating to our fundraising project, or listing our project as your charity of choice when you shop at select retailers. We're using Pure Charity for the fundraiser (search using the key word "legal fees"). Money you donate will go directly to the adoption agency (a 501(c)3 non-profit, meaning your donation is tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor). If you'd like the direct link to our fundraiser, please let me know.

Thanks so much!
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It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight . . .

Eye of the Tiger
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Well, it's been many, many days since this ep aired. And I have had thoughts. But I've also had more important things requiring my attention.

Mainly, this )
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Lullaby/music box renditions of classic rock (Aerosmith, Journey, Elton John). I think Dean would approve.

(Once you get past the creepy factor.)
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I have several crochet projects--baby afghans--that I'd like to sell on Etsy. Does anyone have an Etsy store who could give me pointers? Blogs or forums to check out? Also, how do you pronounce it? Eeetsy (long "e" like eBay), or ehtsy, like "Betsy"?

I'll post a little more, perhaps, but I need to get this store going to help start putting aside some money for an adoption placement. If it's going to happen, it's going to be this year. It will affect my work schedule, and therefore my income, and I'd like to have a little something coming in to help off-set the change.

Or if anyone is interested in said "affies" (as my brother and I used to call ours), drop me a line. You can ask [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa if you need a reference. :-) Both of her kiddos have one of my creations. (Her eldest actually has the dubious honor of being the recipient of my very first completed crochet project ever.)
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Yesterday at the grocery checkout, the cashier asked started to ask, "Paper or . . . " until she saw our reusable bags. "Were you going to ask us, 'Paper or plastic?'" I said. "I haven't heard that in eons!" And yes, indeed, there were the paper bags at the end of the line. I'm thrilled! Could it be that the tide is changing and that the grocery bag gods are starting to realize that paper is actually, you know, biodegradable? Less likely to entangle and choke wildlife if it escapes in the wind? Better for the planet, maybe? I'm tickled.
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Work has all but consumed my life right now. I'm fighting the consumption and jealously protecting my time off, but with so many events at the theater right now, I'm working more Christmas events than I'm having the opportunity to attend. We've watched a few Christmas-y things on TV (we did our yearly viewing of The Christmas Cottage the other night, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some other favorites as well), but we've had to skip a party we'd planned to attend so that we could get our tree up and decorated (the kittens continue to tag team the tree and undecorated it on a daily basis).

It seems I get tearier than usual this time of year, particular during these more recent years.

Here's a little something I was re-introduced to yesterday. I've seen it before, but it always makes me smile, particularly the last segment. Enjoy.

I wonder if we could book these guys at the theatre.

Merry Christmas!


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