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So. There was a convention in Burbank this weekend. And the Js were there, of course. As was Felicia Day. (I still am surprised when I see that I have my own day.)

And I'm seeing a lot of things that say how cute Jensen and Felicia are together.

And I know it will never be me. I don't believe I'll ever be so fortunate as to meet the man, let alone work with him.

But still. It's kind of fun to see "Jensen and Felicia are so adorable together."

(Even if she does pronounce it differently than I do.)

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- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've watched 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize and bold a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full series/season on tape or DVD.
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

Note from Felicia: This is by no means a complete and comprehensive list (it's just for fun, right?). I've included both my and Geo's DVD collection, and a lot of these things, while I might not have watched them, I'm fairly sure that they are in our collection somewhere--especially the classic TV stuff (like I Love Lucy). Seriously, if you ever come to our house, you'll see that our TV and movie collection rivals the local library. That's what happens when you marry a film archivist.

TV Cut Saves the Friends' Page )
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This weekend was a C.S. Lewis weekend at work.

Friday night was a one-man show starring David Payne as C. S. Lewis. I got to see pretty much all of Act I and much of Act II. The play is presented as if you've stopped by to visit Jack, and he tells you stories about his life to entertain you while waiting for his brother to arrive.

We also screened the three Narnia movies over the course of the weekend, though having read only the first book, I didn't watch any of the second two movies.

My favorite quote of the weekend . . . when talking about the change of diet his state of health required:

"He that but looketh on a plate of ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committed breakfast with it in his heart."

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In lieu of a Halloween costume this year, I've decided to dress as one of my favorite Halloween poems--gold sweater and black jeans.

Black and Gold
by Nancy Byrd Turner

Everything is black and gold,
Black and gold, tonight:
Yellow pumpkins, yellow moon,
Yellow candlelight;

Jet-black cats with golden eyes
Shadows black as ink,
Firelight blinking in the dark
With a yellow blink

Black and gold, black and gold,
Nothing in between--
When the world turns black and gold
Then it's Halloween!
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Nothing earth shattering here. Just a post because I haven't used my autumn icon yet this season.

Oh, and just so this isn't totally pointless: Kitten update.

Last May, Geo and I acquired two calico kittens. They are Pippa Picassa (because her face has a pattern that reminds me of a Picasso painting) and Chloe Calypso.

Last week, we acquired a black kitty, who came to us as Tabitha. I wanted something a little more Halloween-y, and yesterday, it hit me--Trixie (as in trick-or-treat). So she is now Tabitha Trixie.

It's pumpkin baking season, btw.

And Geo is thrilled to be back at work after the federal shut-down.

My work has been DRAMA for the past several months (and not in a good way), but after some recent personnel changes, it seems things are settling down. I just need a freakin' break. I've worked every event but one since we opened in May.

Okay, that's all.
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So, after "Devil May Care," Musey has started plotting.

Nothing detailed, mind you. )
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This afternoon, George and I took the last of our "Ohio kitties" on her last trip to the vet.

Our little black Isis has not been well for several weeks. Yesterday, she stopped eating and drinking. Last night, she started losing control of her hindquarters. We didn't expect her to survive the night. This afternoon, I got a call at work from Geo; he'd decided to make the appointment. I met them at the vet's office. Dr. Miller is a wonderful vet; Geo held Isis while Dr. Miller administered the combination of drugs. She went quietly, and we buried her with the other three when we got home.

Isis has been a character and a wonderful little cat. She will be greatly missed.

The past year and a half have been a season of change for me. I've often thought of doing a "where am I now" post to catch everyone (who's still interested) up on what life has been sending me. Perhaps I shall do that later this week. It hasn't been all bad, certainly (new nephew!), and there have been some fun times. But it's been a stressful summer (I don't feel like I really got a summer), and things are just . . . changing.
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Or into the Impala. Whichever.

Hunting Trip t-shirt

Not my favorite design of an SPN t-shirt I've ever seen, but it's on ThinkGeek, which pleasantly surprises me.
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(Or, Jensen and His Girls)

When I was little, I had a set of Mattel dolls called The Sunshine Family. I had great fun playing with Stephanie, Steve, and Sweets. I had their camper/farmer's market/craft fair booth and their tandem bicycle surrey, and I believe I had their house as well.

Here's today's sunshine family, which Sunshine Dad took and Sunshine Mom shared:

The Sunshine Family, 2013 )


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