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So, after "Devil May Care," Musey has started plotting.

Nothing detailed, mind you. )
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When last we left Sam and Dean:

Crowley won all the evil cookies by neutralizing his opposition and snatching himself a prophet.

Dean was left alone in the dark, being ogled by red glowy eyes.

Castiel went out for coffee. He'll be back later.

Bobby made his second exit (well, technically his first, this time around), which was not nearly so poignant as the first time he had the option to cross over.

Sam has been left to fend for himself.

Mild spoilers after the clicky. Only what I know, or think I know. )

*cracks open a bottle of Sol, settles in*
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Panel vids and interview videos are starting to be posted from this weekend's San Diego Comic Con. I've watched the panel and the Jensen vid I found, which have very minimal spoilers. I have not read anything, and what my eyes accidentally fell upon, I really didn't want to know.

Minor-ish spoilers behind cut.

Be careful where you tread. Be careful what you say. Thank you. )
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Still waiting for iTunes to get their act together and give me my download. Last night's ep has been uploaded, but my queue isn't downloading for some reason. Bleh.

Anyway. I'm not spoiled for the end of the season, but a few tumblers clicked into place this morning and here's what I'm speculating . . .  )

A long week

Feb. 9th, 2011 07:20 am
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I've recently been given a task at work that is becoming very tedious very quickly. We have a list of approximately 1400+ people who have, at some point over the last seven years, expressed an interest in our restoration project. I have been tasked with finding everyone's phone number and calling to get their e-mail address if they have one. This makes for a very long work day.

Which makes the wait for Supernatural to roll around once a week feel that much longer. As a result, I've caved and looked up the TVGuide on-line descriptions for the next two episodes.

Cut for synopsis-type spoilers )
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First. Did anyone notice that when Dean goes back to investigate the dentist's office, and everything is blood splattered, that there is no void where Mr. Perv Patient was sitting when he was drilled through the brain?

Grissom and/or Langston and/or Nicky and/or Greg and/or any of the CSI team would have called that immediately and been suspicious. Why, yes, I have added CSI back into my viewing schedule. Why do you ask?

Now, about Dean . . . )
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Hey, gang. Locked post looking for feedback. Izhi? If you have time, I'd love a proper beta on this. (I'll send it via e-mail if you like.) But since you're, you know, all EMPLOYED and all, I understand if you don't have time.

This is my last ditch effort to get some fic written before the new season. I'm sure it will be totally Jossed or Gambled, or whatever the new term of the season is for fic to be rendered completely obsolete. And I'm sure Show will have a much better scene, with Jensen and Jared being awesome. Still, certain aspects of this have been eating at my brain for a long time, and so I wanted to finally get it on paper (so to speak) with possibility for public posting.

For those who know what's coming up, I don't. This is a best effort based on what little I do know.

If you see any glaring errors (grammatical or established canonical), please let me know.

Working (and probably final) title is Wind of Change )


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