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Just got done watching Scarecrow. )
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I watched Bugs today.

This time around, I am struck by Dean's line, something to the effect of "Manicured lawns, 'Honey, I'm home.' I'd blow my brains out." This, of course, immediately brought to mind the opening of S6, as well as the recurring references to Dean's secret dream that he'd drop hints about previously throughout the series.

Even as early as "Skin," previous to this comment in "Bugs," the 'shifter, downloading Dean's thoughts, mentioned that Dean had dreams of his own. At the end of S1, Dean mentions having wanted to be a firefighter when he was little. John says he wants Dean to have a home.

I can't help but think that this line about Dean's aversion to "normalcy" . . . He's trying to convince himself as much as anyone. Heck, maybe he even believes it at the time. He probably does. But over the course of the series, he's acknowledged or admitted that part of him, deep down, wants a home and a family. Even if he doesn't think he can have it, even if he's resigned himself to not having it and has thrown himself back into hunting, it's there, it's part of him, and it has been since the beginning of the series.

Oh, Dean.

Also, as I was driving home from work today, I was listening to my S1/S2 mix CD that I created a long while back, and I was thinking about the music they used for the opening of S6. And you know? It occurred to me that even with its ups and downs, I really rather like S6 for what it is. It doesn't have the same feel that the show did in early seasons, but I didn't really expect it to. The characters have been through too much. But taken on its own merit, I like it. It had its flaws, to be sure, but overall, it kept me entertained.

So there ya go.
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French toast for breakfast. (I haven't made that in about 20 years.)

Morning at the farmer's market.

Burgers on the grill for lunch.

Meals on the back porch for both.

Three sit-down meals with my husband in a row! (I think that's a record.)

S1 SPN. "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water." Ah, yes. Good stuff.

And last night? The Haunting in Connecticut. Oy! Talk about a freaky, make-you-gasp-make-you-jump movie. I remember when it came out, I thought it looked really good, but that it also looked a little too intense for me. Well, we watched it last night on Netflix on demand.

It was one bright day in the middle of the night / Two dead boys got up to fight. )
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Re-watched the SPN pilot today. Ah, the nostalgia.

The little things. Like how Dean taps out when Sam pins him. So familiar with each other, so in tune, in spite of conflicting goals.

Dean has always needed family.

Sam has always been a control freak.

The complexity of the characters was tangible. Sam wanted his independence, wanted a safe life. Not normal. Safe. But at the same time worried about Dean and backing him up and was ready with the chick flick moment. And ready for the re-connect at the end.

Dean hid behind jokes and expressed his care in youthful bravado, but his eyes told the real story.

And John! With wee!Dean and wee!Sam. Oh, John. Mysterious, elusive. Directing the boys to keep up the good fight while he tracks the thing that killed Mary.

And creepy! The creep factor was delightful! And subtle. And the stuff that I noticed that I don't remember! Oh, Show! *flail*

So, so much has happened to these characters. It's like this was another life.
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So. I've been re-watching S1, and it's been quite delightful, just sort of letting it play out without too much analysis (and zero connection to later on). So much potential, it could go in so many different directions.

Various babblings )
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If there's such a thing as a "perfect" SPN episode, Asylum goes on the list.

It is so, so, very creepy. Seriously. The way it's lit, and the subtlety of the scares--shadows appearing in the background. Figures moving unexpectedly across the screen. Things touching you when there isn't anything there. I love that kind of creepy.

This is SPN at its finest.
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Sam's prom date, Rachel Nave, co-wrote "Bugs."

Do with that as you will. :-)
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Is "Hookman" the first time we hear about specifically salting and burning a body to get rid of a ghost?
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Re-watched this one yesterday (along with Phantom Traveler), and having not seen it in over a year, and re-reading what I wrote last year . . . interesting.

Things struck me again "for the first time," like Sam's single-mindedness.

Though I didn't get quite the sense of "professional detachment" that I did last year. It's there, I think, but softens in the latter half of the ep.

But what really struck me yesterday was the Dean/Sam exchange wherein Dean expresses concern for Lucas, and Sam asks, "Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" Reading what I thought last year, I'm getting a very different vibe from the scene this year. And I'm not sure why.

The scene reads like this: Sam is trying to convince Dean that the hunt is over. Dean doesn't want to leave yet because what if they missed something.

Sam: But why would you think that?
Dean: 'Cause Lucas was really scared.
Sam: That's what this is about?
Dean: I just don't wanna leave this town 'til I know that the kid's okay.
Sam: Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?
Dean: *looks at Sam, then back at the road* Shut up.

Now, Dean's reaction could be construed as worry, and no doubt that's a factor. But yesterday, it struck me that there was a note of disappointment in the response. Like, having it pointed out to Dean that Sam didn't really know his brother, didn't know that he actually can and does connect to kids because, duh, he raised a kid brother. There's a lot of testing the waters of the personal reconnection in these early eps, and I wouldn't mind seeing that next season either.

I'd also kind of like to know what Jensen's internal monologue was when he gave the response the interpretation he did.

Anyway, the line kind of struck me yesterday as being indicative of how out of touch Sam is with Dean, perhaps how out of touch he's always been. And in his naive hubris, he doesn't even realize he's out of touch.

Also, I'm still cogitating on the mytharc vis-a-vis the emotional arc (I kind of touched on it last year), and I'm seeing a few early patterns here and there, but I want to see if they hold out before I elaborate.
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I started re-watching SPN from the beginning today. I'm not going to write a review, but a couple things did hit me this time:

That was one great piece of television. The lighting, the pacing, the mood, the atmosphere, the characters, the creepy. That was a fine, fine bit of TV viewing.

The boys were so young! In some ways, it's like they've evolved into different characters.

Elaborating on that, I agree with Jensen when he says that too much has happened for them to return to the S1 vibe. It really has. They can't go back to those innocent times. They've both been through too much. Hopefully they'll find a way to move forward and re-establish that brotherly bond.

Sam had control and anger issues as far back as the pilot. Looking back at some of the stuff now, I'm kind of tickled to find that it's not something the writers made up recently, but can be traced as far back as the pilot.

Watching these eps (I also watched Wendigo) left me smiling. The boys were so cute!

It was kind of like going through an old album. You miss those days, and you sort of wish you could relive those days, or if not relive, then at least re-capture, but you know that's not possible.

They were so young! (I said that already, didn't I.)

So anyway. The Pilot. Still awesome. Still an excellent piece of television.
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Oh, there is so much chewy goodness in this ep, I'm sure I'll forget to mention something. Even though there are some really uncomfortable spots in this ep for me, I love it like chocolate.

Fight the Good Fight )


Jun. 22nd, 2009 08:45 am
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We had, as Geo called it, a Supernatural-polooza viewing of the three-part S1-finale/S2-opener this weekend.

Carry On, Wayward Son )
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Oh, the chewy character development we get in this ep, plus confirmation that vampires are real.

Vampires. It gets funnier every time I hear it. )


Jun. 18th, 2009 06:01 pm
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From childhood angst to disco-themed motel rooms, B&E, and faked lost wallets.

You guys seem to be uncomfortably comfortable with this. )
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As if we needed further proof that Sammy Winchester is the American incarnation of Harry Potter, here we have an episode about dementors . . . er . . . shtriga. But the best thing about this (admittedly cool) case ep is the backstory we get, particularly regarding Dean.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes )
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This? Is one of my very favorite eps. It's one that I used to introduce my mom to the show. I watched it with my eldest nephew last summer. It's got delightful brother interaction, plus it's a solid stand-alone, and the case is really cool, with an unusual MotW and clever resolution.

What's not to love? )


Jun. 17th, 2009 06:47 am
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Geo apparently missed this Meg-isode (as he calls it) when we watched it the first time. The winning combo of Kripke and Manners. Lots of good brother stuff, both banter and conflict, plus it's the first time we see our adult boys with John.

Quick cut )
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This? Is a very uncomfortable ep. I've never liked overtly, purposely sadistic villains, those who are cruel simply for the sake of being cruel. And this one kinda hits those buttons. *shudder*

This is, however, the first ep that had me actively seeking missing scene fic. Up until this ep, I really had no interest in hunting down any fic. But more on that in a moment.

This is a great ep for both Sammy-peril and Dean-peril. And kinda nerve-racking.

And of course all the brother interaction is great. *hearts Winchesters*

Let's see . . . )


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