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It's official. Baby J. is an official, legally-approved-and-signed-off-on member of our family!


Nov. 8th, 2012 11:07 pm
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Now that my Li'l Bro has made the internet announcement, I can share the news. My nephew was born yesterday evening. Li'l Bro has sent pictures, and Baby is a cutie! We'll get to see him at Thanksgiving.

And in an instance in surreal synchronicity, the minister who was my minister growing up passed away at approximately the same time. He was 100. I picture them doing some sort of heavenly hand-off or relay or tag team.
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My dad's memorial service was today. It was a beautiful service with, I think, more laughter than tears. But I miss him.

The minister shared this poem and gave a very hopeful, uplifting message, which soothed my heart quite a lot.

Still, I miss Daddy.

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Two cute things have happened to me recently.

Boy #1 )

Boy #2 )
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Got back last night from a trip to Ohio to celebrate the parents' 75th birthdays. The travel was loooooonnnnnnnger than usual, thanks to road construction in both directions. Blech. Got to see Li'l Bro and SiL and Baby Bump. Shopping with Cousin J and Mom, trip to Greenville with the fan.

Today I spend baking for a dessert party fundraiser tomorrow. Friends have graciously opened their home for a dessert tasting party where donations for our adoption fund will be gratefully accepted. My baking includes:

Pineapple pretzel salad
Angel lush trifle (angel food cake and pineapple)
Homemade "bing bongs."
Ice cream cone cupcakes
Texas sheet cake (maybe)

George will make homemade ice cream.

Hostess is baking pies.

Work Friend A is baking cookies.

Work Friend C is bringing hummingbird cake.

Wife of George's Writer Colleague is bringing Thai food.

Open house style, but not a lot of affirmative responses from our invitations. I hope people are planning on coming and just haven't responded.
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I've just been given permission to share the news.

I'm going to be an auntie!

Well, I'm an auntie already, but this particular squeaker is from my side of the family. My baby bro and SiL are having a baby.


(Here's hoping we can return the favor soon.)
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I totally forgot to thank [livejournal.com profile] girlyghoul70 for the e-card. This is inexcusable for two reasons:

A) It hit my in-box within the first five minutes of my b-day.
2) We're actually related.


Thanks, hon! It was delightfully cute!
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Today is Charles Addams' 100th birthday. I think the fact that he is deceased should not stop us from wishing him a happy birthday. After all, the morbid and macabre made up some of his favorite subject matter.

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Usually, I would be posting about the highlights of the previous year right now. But I'm so far behind, I need to journal my Christmas first.

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September 15: George's b-day. We went out for dinner at the Bavarian Chef last night to celebrate. I was also very tickled by the present I got him, and he was very tickled, too. I got him a Presto waffle maker. Waffles for breakfast on Saturday! Woo hoo!

September 16 (today): We finally got our paperwork finished and delivered it to the adoption agency. We're still working on our reading material, but we had a nice sit-down with our social worker. Now on to the next step.

On the way home, we stopped at a nifty little grill/tavern that we've driven past a lot but never tried. It was very nice. Relaxed, and good food.

Tomorrow we're inviting people in for strawberry cake and homemade ice cream to celebrate Geo's b-day.

And next week . . .

SPN S7 begins! I must admit, I'm getting a little excited. I'm also trying to figure out when I'm going to marathon S6. I got the Blu-Ray (still debating whether or not I should have gone with the standard), and I want to get through all the episodes to make sure they're okay before the new season starts.
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We've just submitted our formal application.

Continued prayers and humming are much appreciated.

Now I have to go highlight my Our Town script. Yeah, good luck with concentrating on that.
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Geo and I are back in Ohio this weekend. He's recording eps of his radio show, and yesterday, they did one for a "live studio audience" at a Dayton theater.

Also, stopped by the PAC on Friday and touched base with a few people.

Also had an interesting conversation with Geo's radio show partner. I might write about that later.

As I wrote on Friday, Mother and I watched Show together. I'll try to get my long & rambly sometime this week. There will much, MUCH to cover. (Jensen, just rip my heart out, why don't you. Guh!)

So that's an update from here.
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As mentioned earlier, I did the chocolate-citrus cake again this year. It was quite a success.

Cake after assembly and frosting, but before decorations:

I opted not to do the candied oranges again this year. The sprinkles save me time, and I think they look seasonal and festive:

Cross section of the cake:

This is a very serious and seriously rich cake. When you're done, you know you've eaten cake. One of my cousins told me that she broke out in a sweat it was so much cake.

In other words, good stuff, folks. Good stuff.

Also? Whenever I do the ganache, I think of this riff.
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Geo and I went back to Ohio for Christmas. It was really strange, and kind of didn't really feel like Christmas. This is the first Christmas we've spent somewhere other than in our own house.

We left Thursday. Travel was reasonably smooth, though there was snowy travel in the mountains in Maryland. No surprise there.

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

December 26 )

Then came back Monday.

A warm thank you to [livejournal.com profile] smalltwndreamer and [livejournal.com profile] luvwinchesters for the v-gifts. They came at a much-needed time. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] just_ruth for the card. It arrived yesterday. And I've already thanked Izhi for enabling my habit the mags. :-)

And that, in a nutshell, was my Christmas weekend.
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Thanksgiving was both relaxing and hectic yesterday.

My first sweet potato pie (photo taken with my new camera):

Parades, food, family, movie )

Black Friday )

Adding an additional bright to the day )

Plus bonus landscape photo )
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Just got done carving our first jack-o'-lanterns in our entire 14 years of marriage. And Geo tells me this is the first pumpkin he's ever carved on his own ever. That when he was growing up, he and his sisters would gut the pumpkins and draw the faces on, then their parents would do the actual carving. I told him I was carving my own pumpkins at least by the time I was in high school. Apparently, his family gave up pumpkin carving when the kids got that old. *gasp*

Pictures to follow.


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