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Happy All Hallows' Eve to all my quaint and curious companions.

It's been an odder year than usual, Halloween-wise. I haven't posted any verses from Sweeney Todd or any of my usual Halloween poems or anything.

I haven't done my Halloween baking (I'd fully intended to bake a black velvet cake).

No pumpkin carving (yesterday would have been the perfect day for it).

It's just been . . . Odd.

We do have a fodder shock this year. Yay!

Somehow, I think Geo and I had sort of anticipated celebrating this year with a wee one. Alas, that did not happen.

Although . . . This past Sunday was "Superhero Sunday" at church. All the kids were encouraged to come as their favorite superhero. One of our 4-year-old boys came as Clark Kent changing into Superman. With the hat and the glasses and the Superman shirt under his white shirt and tie. It was adorable.

Baby stories behind the cut )

George and I both participated in a little activity for the grade school kids, too. The children's minister had a group of us dress up as Bible heroes (and heroines). I chose Rahab, because ever since I discovered that she is part of the lineage of Jesus, I've found her story quite fascinating. (It also told me that God can use anybody to get things done.)

And in an unrelated costuming event, George and I did dress for a costume party.

So, you know, an odd year.

Tonight we go to some friends' house to help with trick-or-treat, then new epi of Show!

And on a final note, we were very blessed to be missed by the worst of Sandy. One power blink. That was it. No downed trees, no flooding. Hallelujah!
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Two cute things have happened to me recently.

Boy #1 )

Boy #2 )
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The foliage has been amazing (if a little bit early) this season.

The azaleas have exploded with color (with some still to come). The dogwoods have bee gorgeous (we need to see about nurturing the ones in our own yard, as they seem to be struggling).

The Good Friday play went well last night. I hope it was an encouragement and those who came got out of it what they needed.

I'm a little at a loss as to what exactly to do for the new person coming to our house. It seems like there's so much preparation that I don't know where to start, and I have no time to figure it out. (Pardon me while I freak out just a wee bit.)
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Spring has sprung. The trees are budding--beautiful pinks and whites. The forsythia are amazingly golden. Our daffodils are in bloom. Spring and autumn have such amazing color here. We've opened the windows to breezes through the house. We've got a chipmunk or two that uses our back porch as a shortcut. It's just amazingly contenting to find a comfortable spot in the house and just be.

The Good Friday play )

I'm going to DC tonight with a local drama reviewer. She has an extra ticket to a show, and she offered it to me. Free ticket, transportation, press night, and noshes. Why not?

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Had a very nice weekend this past weekend. The parental units came to visit for my b-day. The weather was unseasonably warm (I really do wish we'd get a substantial snow at some point. It doesn't feel like we've had winter at all), and we did a little downtown shopping, watched some TV (introduced the folks to BBC's Sherlock), and had people in for cupcakes and ice cream (on Saturday).

George made waffles for breakfast on my b-day, and we ate out at some of our favorite restaurants over the weekend. For my b-day dinner, we checked out someplace new, The Silk Mill Grill, which is in a building that used to be a parachute factory during WWII.

Geo gave me S5 of N3. From Mother and Daddy I got some spending money and a sweater. From my MiL, I got a little spending money and a nice mug.

Saturday was a lazy day, and people in, in the early evening. (Also, there's a new cajun place somewhere in town. George brought in red beans and rice for dinner. Yummy!)

Sunday was church, lunch at Giovanna, and nap time when we got home.

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This past weekend was exhausting.

Saturday night was the "dinner theater" dinner/wine pairing/theater that was supposed to be held last June. I played the waitress in "The Philadelphia." George was also in this piece. He got to play "Hollywood producer" and I got to snark at him. It was fun. Got some very nice feedback on my character, and on the event in general. (Other scenes performed by other actors were "Sure Thing" and portions of "Beyond Therapy."

Sunday was our turn to teach the four-year-olds, then later Geo and I were the child care for the introduction to our church class for potential new members. Ten kids ranging in age from teen to 3. Six of the ten were siblings, four of those siblings were boys. Add to that the fact that there was nothing of teen interest for the teens to do (other than wrestle with siblings), and it made for an interesting hour and a half.

So . . .

Sep. 1st, 2011 02:51 pm
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How many pastors do you know that write encouragement e-mails to the congregation, signed off with:

And all God's people said, "Bring it!"

Yeah, me neither. :-)

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Well, as I've been talking about, I directed (and performed in) my church's Good Friday play this year. I've directed it before, about 15 years ago. It's one of my favorites. It's called "Mountaintop," by Bob Hughes, if you're interested in looking it up.

Church plays are always an interesting experience )
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Blessed Good Friday to those who commemorate it.

Tonight is the Good Friday play I've been working on. I'm very excited and praying it's a blessing.

The parents are here for the weekend, too.

This means, of course, that I won't be watching SPN live tonight. My insta-reaction will have to wait. Just FYI, in case you're interested.

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Had a delighfully unexpected moment of fan!girly squee yesterday.

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As I predicted, I like this ep better and better with each re-watch. In fact, had they not already done two previous meta eps, (and perhaps had I been unspoiled for it) I think I would really have liked it better at first blush than I did.

This way to the thinky . . .  )
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So, how many ministers do you know who use Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" in their sermons?

Followed by the theme from Jaws.

(The text of the day was Proverbs 7:6-27)

Yeah . . . I didn't think so.

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So, y'all know I've written several times and somewhat extensively about how Jensen is my current source of thespic inspiration when I'm practicing a role. Well, now I keep hearing his advice about directing.

See, I'm directing a one-act play, Mountaintop, for Good Friday service. Now, I've directed this play before, years and years ago . . . about 16 years ago, actually. Geo and I were engaged at the time. And thankfully I've still got my script with a few notations in it. But it's been a long time since I've directed anything on my own on this scale, and as I'm going through the script again, I keep hearing Jensen's advice (as passed on to him by the late Kim Manners) that the most important thing for a director to do is do your homework. Be prepared. I know this is key to being a good director. Be confident in what you're doing and in the choices you're making, and be prepared. And when Jensen said this about his first directing gig, I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

I just find it really amusing that he's in the back of my mind as I'm putting my production notes together.

Also, I'm very keen on playing a role in this play. Which means I'll be directing myself. Which is something I've done before on solo stuff, but not something I've done before in a full-scale play I'm directing. So . . . that should be interesting.
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Well, it actually started to feel like January today. There is a thin layer of snow on the ground, and we put the Christmas decorations away yesterday.

I've been watching videos and reading articles about Suzanne's funeral. I miss being home in Ohio so very much. And I'm so proud of my home church for being the hands and feet and serving and comforting the community and the family and all the way they have.

It was pretty impressive. )

In an effort to start looking up, I think I might try to post on a regular basis little things that make me happy or make my life easier. Things I'm thankful for. Accentuate the positive and all of that.

And we're planning on going to see Tangled today, so that should be fun, right?
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Suzanne left a New Year's message for her parents before responding to the call.

Also, funeral and procession arrangements have been released.

I wish I were home right now.

Hopefully I'll have more up-beat news in the next day or so. Attended an interesting meeting last night that hopefully will give me the opportunity to be in a full-scale theater production again.

Hope everyone else's 2011 is off to a good start.
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Geo and I went back to Ohio for Christmas. It was really strange, and kind of didn't really feel like Christmas. This is the first Christmas we've spent somewhere other than in our own house.

We left Thursday. Travel was reasonably smooth, though there was snowy travel in the mountains in Maryland. No surprise there.

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

December 26 )

Then came back Monday.

A warm thank you to [livejournal.com profile] smalltwndreamer and [livejournal.com profile] luvwinchesters for the v-gifts. They came at a much-needed time. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] just_ruth for the card. It arrived yesterday. And I've already thanked Izhi for enabling my habit the mags. :-)

And that, in a nutshell, was my Christmas weekend.
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We finally got the tree decorated on Saturday (Dec. 11). We also went to see a little community theater production of A Christmas Carol in Washington, Va., about half an hour away. Their local community theater has converted an old church into a theater space. I imagine the rooms that are now closed in as the sound and light booths might at one time have been a choir loft. Maybe. The only source of heat was a wood burning stove (thank you, Mr. Franklin), and there was someone sitting beside it feeding it before patrons started arriving. They had approximately 104 folding chairs set up (no pews), so it was a tight squeeze. It was quintessential community theater--the acting was serviceable, but you could tell everyone was having a great time, and the community got a great kick out of it. It was all very quaint and enjoyable.

I miss my home theater. )

We have a light dusting of snow this morning. It probably won't stick around long, but at least it's an indication that Christmas is in the air. It's strange to be hearing on the radio how other counties are under winter advisories and schools are on delays and such. I look out the window and think, "This is hardly anything, let alone worth a school delay." It must be for fog or visibility or something.

Last call for Christmas cards. I expect to be in the office by myself today, so I'm going to try to get those finished--or at least well started.


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