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Kill All the Vampire Writers

Sadly, I am unable to read it, as I do not have a Kindle.
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Just got done watching Fahrenheit 451. (Which I've never read the book. Yes, I do recognize the irony.) It is more accurately prophetic than anyone would like to admit, I think. (News given to us in bites by a mass media with an agenda; reality TV; etc. It also reminded me, uncannily, of the internet laws--like SOPA and PIPA--that lawmakers are trying to pass.)

It would make an excellent double feature with Logan's Run.

Methinks I need to read the book this summer, and I'm very interested in finding out if there's a stage version of it.

Also? If they ever do a re-make (they've been trying for years, but everyone seems to be afraid of it), Jensen would be awesome in the leading role. Good grief.
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This romance novel cover recently came to my attention. The gent looks uncannily familiar, yes? It must be Jason Eckles.

"It Happened One Bite." Seriously?

But that's not what's making me laugh the most or roll my eyes the hardest. No, that would be the "product description," the summary of the book.

You see, I was rather an avid reader of Silhouette and Harlequin romance novels when I was in junior high. But it didn't take long for the redundancy and repetitiveness to make the genre . . . well . . . boring. Change the setting, plug in new names, rehash the same basic character dynamic, there ya go.

It's just so . . . well . . . comical.

I'd kinda sorta love to hear what Jensen would have to say about being the model for the leading man vamp in a romance novel. Considering the comments he's made about Twilight, and wanting the Winchesters to gank the entire cast of characters of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, I can't help but think he might have some delightful snark for this particular sitch.

So . . . I don't know whether to grab for the insulin for this or not. Do they even make paranormal-compatible insulin for such things?
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. . . while you're making other plans.

The Round-Up )
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So. We have a very popular local author here in Culpeper. She has self-published a book "about" the Civil War, a historical romance, fictitious, that has very good reviews on Amazon. Otoh, to talk to a few of the more cynical locals, I'm told that it is very dry, and more fictitious than historical. I have not read the book myself, but I have read the synopsis, and it doesn't sound like something that would appeal to me. The story is about how a spunky Southern belle falls in love with a Northern officer.

Still, having not read the book, I shouldn't pass judgment. And Culpeper did change hands several times during the course of the Civil War.

However, I was reading some of the Amazon user reviews. One of the less favorable reviews said the reader stopped reading when "the incredible young heroine meets the 6'2" hero . . . "

My first thought?

"Oooh! Jensen!"

Followed by imaginings of Jensen in a Union uniform.


(I have long thought that Jensen and Jared would look great in period costuming, and in my head, I always put Jensen in blue and Jared in gray.)

If I keep Jensen in mind as the hero of the story, maybe I could convince myself to read it.
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Do you think this one has potential?

A first

Sep. 30th, 2010 12:21 pm
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I'm getting ready to read the first pulp fiction I've ever read. Pulp fiction is one of Geo's favorite genres, and Jonathan Latimer is one of his favorite authors in the genre. Geo tells me that Solomon's Vineyard is one of the best pulp novels he's ever read. So I'm looking forward to it.

It should be a movie. )
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As is probably evident, I haven't felt much like writing the past few days. There's been good and there's been frustrating, and I'm on that med cycle again that knocks me into a coma on a daily basis.

First, the frustrating )

The pretty good )

And in the interest of completion . . .  )

The musey, she is silent )
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Finished my vacation book yesterday. Nature Girl, by Carl Hiaasen. (Can someone please tell me how to pronounce his name correctly? I fear I'm getting is wrong.)

I have an odd relationship with Hiaasen's books. )
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Morning at the beach, afternoon relaxing, watching DVDs, reading, napping.

This evening we went to Roanoke Island, had lunch at a wonderful 50's atmospheric restaurant called Big Al's Soda Fountain & Grill. The original owners of the restaurant were also Coca Cola collectors, so there was memorabilia all over the place. Then we went to the Waterside Theatre in Manteo to see the first/oldest/longest running outdoor drama in the country: The Lost Colony. As one might expect, it's a dramatization (including dance and song) of the events surrounding and a possible explanation for the disappearance of the Roanoke Island colony established by Sir Walter Raleigh. The costumes and sets were pretty amazing, and amphitheater is a very nice venue, and the cast was very good. At the end of the play, the story proposes that the remaining colonists (including the first European born in the New World, Virginia Dare) traveled south to Croatoan in hopes of escaping the Spanish armada and surviving other growing hardships. The carving (referenced in the SPN ep) was left on a tree. The colonists were never seen or heard from again.

A few of the actors came out for a meet-and-greet, and I mentioned to a couple of them that the show made me homesick to do outdoor drama again. One young man asked where I'd done such drama before, and I told him in Ohio. "Where?" asked the girl next to him. "Springfield," says I. "The Springfield Summer Arts Festival." She knew exactly what I was talking about. "I'm from Toledo!" says she. "I went to Bowling Green!" says I. She'd never had the opportunity to go to the Arts Festival, but it was a nice little moment meeting someone "from home."

I'm enjoying my Carl Hiaasen book. I'll write about it more when I'm done, but one of the characters reminds me of a 12-year-old Dean, and I think I've picked the character I would want Jensen cast as were it ever made into a movie. Something very different for him--I could even see him wearing his beard in the role. Heh.
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Taking a few minutes while the potatoes are cooking for the potato salad to write a couple of reviews. Warning: Spoilers aplenty.

SPN tie-in novel, 'The Unholy Cause' )

The Hurt Locker. MAJOR spoilers herein )

Guests have started arriving. Will be back later with a report on the homemade ice cream. Yummy!
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I've been wanting to write about a lot of different things recently. A review of the latest SPN tie-in novel. I wanted to write a review of it the way I do after an ep. Then I realized that only a handful of peeps would know what I was talking about.

I've wanted to write about the medical/bebe situation, for my own journaling if nothing else. It's a constant struggle with the timing of everything.

Musey is toying with a gonna-be-Gambled (are things Gambled now? Or are they still Kripked?) scene of Sam and Dean getting back together.

And I've really wanted to write about a play I'm hoping we do at church. "Mountaintop." A one act, four person play about Abraham and Isaac, and paralleling it to the crucifixion. I directed it a long time ago, and I re-read it the other day. And I cried. I love this play. I cannot tell you how much I love it.

Oh, but about the pizza.

The Chicago deep dish pizza that Dean and Death shared made me hungry for pizza. But I'm not real keen on Chicago-style pizza. I'm much more of a New York style pizza person. But still, that pizza looked good. So ever since then I've had a hankering for homemade pizza. And tonight we finally got around to it. I haven't made homemade pizza since I was 16. And tonight I even made the dough from scratch (with my new KitchenAid mixer w/dough hook \o/). And let me tell you, it was de-lish. And yes, it needed a fork and knife to eat it, because the way we load the toppings on a homemade pizza? Yeah. You need the extra help.

Tomorrow we're having people over for the first cookout on Geo's new grill. We did corn yesterday; tomorrow will be burgers and brats. And I've got some citrus sangria, and I made some strawberry & berry blue poke cake, which poke cake is one of my favorites. We're having several people over. The only thing missing is a swimming pool. (And the parade, but I won't get into that right now.)
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Had (another) endocrinology appointment today. On the way home, I saw these two plates:


followed by another vehicle that had:


Geeks abound, yeah? :-)

Yesterday, we stopped at Borders. Geo took a stroll through the young adult aisle and reported back that everything on display was a vampire book. Honestly, I'll be glad when vampires resume their rightful place in the literary and gothic horror sections. Or even the pop culture (media & entertainment) section. Vampires are fascinating and frightening. They are not sparkly.

Counting the days until Show returns. Plus there's an SPN con this coming weekend, yeah? Which means vid clips of humorous guys! And the recently married Padalecki!
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I'm in the process of reading Logan's Run. How very, very different from the movie. It's the same basic premise, some of the same characters and scenes, but so very, very different. And I can't say that I like one over the other.

Beware the Spoilers beyond this point. )
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Sometimes angels bring messages. Sometimes, they bring lunch.

~Gary Kinnaman, Angels Dark and Light, page 68.
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And so, since pie is a common point of interest in both the NX Cookbook and SPN, I thought I'd post some items of interest from the book regarding pie. (Page 108)

Holling [Vincour] on Cream Pies )

Maurice [Minnifield] on Cream Pies )

Shelly [Tambo] on Cream Pies )

And as a bonus, Adam on Salad Dressing )

Honestly, NX cracks me up. Maybe I'll pull out some of those over hiatus. Also, someone once wrote a NX/SPN x-over of sorts. I have no idea where I misplaced that link.

Off to bake a pie. And make my own crust this time. Wish me luck.
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A quiet Memorial Day, and the first I've spent away from (extended) family. Very strange not to be going to a family cookout or to a parade of some sort.

We've been to two cookouts this weekend, though, so that was nice.

We tried to see the new Star Trek movie, but there was no place to park.

I think I need to read Life's That Way. Saw it in Borders today, and Jim's intro completely sold me.

I think I also want to read A Little Wicked, by Kristen Chenoweth (Olive from Pushing Daisies).

More snow

Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:01 am
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Woke up again this morning to snow. Like, snow. Like, there were three plows out, and I need to shovel the walk, and I wonder if I can make a snowman snow.

Like, "don't come in to work today" snow.

Looking out the back window, I can see the snow on the mountain, and it's really pretty. We're out of birdseed, though, so I hope the birds don't empty the feeders before I can get more.

Maybe today would be a good day to make some homemade bread.

I had a go at some crocheting yesterday. I really need someone to show me how to read patterns, though. Because I'm not at all clear on how to read the things. I'm also wondering if knitting is actually easier. Huh.

I didn't read a book last month, but I got a copy of Angels: God's Secret Agents, by Billy Graham, from [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa (and Mr. Bill). So I think that's going to be my next read. Which will either make SPN that much more interesting, or that much more frustrating. We shall see.


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