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It's been a long time since I've waxed poetical about Jensen Ackles, but the man is as delightful and amazing as ever. SPN won Favorite SciFi Show at the PCAs, and Jensen and Jared were there to accept the award. They were, of course, accompanied by their beautiful wives, and they all looked smashing.

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I know I haven't been around much. Since my dad's passing, I haven't felt really motivated to post much of anything. This weekend I've been busy with my 25-year high school reunion (had a great time! :-) ), which I might write about. But when I found these pictures, I knew I had a duty to make this post.

Warning: Blindingly sexy smile and well-fitting t-shirt at the other end of this link.

Note the henna tat. I'm wondering if it's about time for me to get another one. Izhi and I each got one several years ago when we went to Kings Island together. Mine didn't last very long, though.
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Okay, so maybe Danneel isn't as sun-cripsed as I originally thought. Just nicely tanned. I'm still amused by Jensen's flip-flops.

Still not sure about the pant's Danneel is wearing, though.

Lunching with the spouses.

Also, entirely too much awwwwwwww going on here. I see Jared is teaching Thomas to wear watch caps/beanies. Also also: Guest star spoiler-y warning-ish thing. (Though it shouldn't really come as any surprise to anyone who's paying attention to . . . well . . . everything.)

With the cute overload and all.

Also x3, Thomas saw wat u did thar and is side-eyeing you so hard.

Do I even really need to mention how great Jensen looks?

I didn't think so. ;-)
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I . . . 'm not sure what I'd do with a food truck festival, 'cause you'd have to sample everything, right?

But apparently Vancouver does indeed have a food truck festival, and apparently the Padalecki family attended said festival on a bright and sunny day. Perhaps this is unsurprising for Jared. :-)

Pics of the totes adorbs wee Thomas and his parents.

Also? This apparently is worthy of the UK entertainment news:

A family outing.

Thomas is quite stylin' in his shades. But the Scotch-Irish/German in me that burns to a cripsy critter most easily is fretting, "I hope Baby has sunscreen on!" and yelling "Get that child under some shade!"

But that's just me. I'm sure Mama G and Papa J are both quite aware.

Also, there are photos floating about of Jensen and Danneel together recently (lunch, maybe?). Jensen is wearing flip-flops. So those of you who have a thing for sexy feet, there ya go. Danneel is looking a bit sun-crispied herself.
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Well, we've got a little bit of snow from yesterday and today. It's pretty, but it doesn't look like it will last. Still, my b-day is coming, so it doesn't come as a surprise. Even if we get snow no other time of the year, there's a 99% chance that there will be snow for my birthday.

And to celebrate the snow, have a couple of links to pictures of winter fun. (Be warned, minor spoilery things. Nothing huge or plotty, but uber!spoiler!phobes, take note. Do not read the text. Still, the pictures are worth the risk, I think.)

Winter Fun, Part 1

Winter fun, Part 2

Head canon

Oct. 27th, 2011 01:57 pm
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A long (loooonnnnnggggg) while back, I wrote a fic that implied that Dean does a pretty hilarious Elvis imitation.

Jensen has now made it my head canon.

Go here, scroll about half way down to the video. Be sure to enjoy the scenery along the way.

ETA: If you can't get the vid to load from the LJ page, try it from here. But try the LJ page first. 'Cause there's a lot of pretteh to be appreciated. (Standard disclaimer: I know nothing about the foreign-to-me hosting site, nor can I read the language. Just so ya know. So any sort of, I dunno, questionable pop-up ads or whatever . . . surf at your own risk.)
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News Flash:

First pictures of Jensen directing his S7 episode have hit the 'net. Warning: Casting spoiler included.

Please allow me to pause a moment and say, "Guh!" That man. I don't even . . .

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Took these when I woke up on Wednesday.

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Paparazzi and autograph hounds at the Vancouver Airport. Still, some very nice, very fun shots.

Apparently, international flights can make you a bit silly.

I'm highly amused that Jensen traveled in his suit, Misha did the same (though with a loosened tie), but Jared apparently took the time to change into a t-shirt and over-shirt.
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I've found a new picture of that band I posted about a while back.

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As promised, some of my favorite pics from Sundance.

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Sitting in the Chicago Midway airport waiting for our flight to Dulles.

Geo's pic is indeed on Getty Images. I did a look-up by the name of one of the directors, because they didn't have it listed under the film name, and like my other favorite on-screen talent (Jason Eckles bears a downright eerie resemblance to Jensen Ackles*), they misspelled our last name in one picture.

Mostly they got it right, though.

I will be very amused if this movie results in requests for speaking engagements. That would be kind of cool.

*Do a Google search on Jason Eckles Back Up Plan premiere. It's . . . amusing, in a weird kind of way.
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These are of the view over our back fence. I particularly like the way the colors came out in this one. (These pics I've been posting are not retouched in any way. Just cropped when need be.)

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Thanksgiving was both relaxing and hectic yesterday.

My first sweet potato pie (photo taken with my new camera):

Parades, food, family, movie )

Black Friday )

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