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Here be an index of some things that my readers and general passers-by might be interested in. All my Still Life research and much of my writing, all in one place. Wow.

Project Still Life Recap )

Supernatural fic )

Fun with SPN Trivia

Numb3rs fic index

Crochet projects

Recipes )
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So, after "Devil May Care," Musey has started plotting.

Nothing detailed, mind you. )
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I noticed something in the most recent episode, something that I kind of love.

After Sam and Dean watch Kevin's e-mailed video, after Dean has knocked the books across the room in anger and grief, as he's leaving the library, he folds his hands on top of his head.

You know the only other time we've seen him do this? After Lucifer took possession of Sam and disappeared.

That hands-on-head is Dean's gesture of ultimate despair, when he's at his wits' end and he's failed--especially someone of great importance.

I love that Jensen added that little bit.
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I was reading a conversation, wherein someone was probably harshing on Sam for telling Dean, "All your friends are dead." To which this person said, but Dean has Benny!

And I'm like, "And the point still stands."



Yes, I know, it was a little tacky, but still.
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Title: To Escape the Grasp
Word Count: 1480
Summary: As Dean lay down for just a moment’s rest, a hand reached up through the ground at his ankle, like a zombie reaching from its grave.
Warnings: Post-"Survival of the Fittest." So, mild spoilers, etc. related to that.
Disclaimer: I still don't own any part of Show. Much more's the pity, yeah?
A/N: Consider this story AU. It was Carvered long ago, probably even before it was written. Still, an image stuck with me, and it kinda had to be written.
A/N 2: Additional info at the end of the story.

To Escape the Grasp )
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Panel vids and interview videos are starting to be posted from this weekend's San Diego Comic Con. I've watched the panel and the Jensen vid I found, which have very minimal spoilers. I have not read anything, and what my eyes accidentally fell upon, I really didn't want to know.

Minor-ish spoilers behind cut.

Be careful where you tread. Be careful what you say. Thank you. )
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Fandom )

Went to a jewelry party last night. This is not your average home party plan jewelry party. This jewelry is all unique and handmade by my former boss's best friend. No two pieces are alike. I bought a garnet piece several years ago, and it's one of my go-to pieces that I absolutely love. Last night I bought a strand of multi-colored pearls and an "energy" piece (for lack of a better name), pearl with a swirling ceramic pendant.

I'm hoping that the next time Former Boss has such a party, that there will be a piece such that I described to Jewelry Maker.

Favorite color )

It's a gorgeous day today. And here it is, 2:00pm, and I've frittered away so much of the day that I'm still in my pj's.

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The thought just occurred to me: Dean is slightly out of phase.

I'll write about it more in my highlights post )

SPN - 7.11

Jan. 6th, 2012 10:09 pm
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To sum up . . . )
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Is it a late Christmas gift? An early birthday present? Does it really matter?

Promo spoilers )
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I must share while I'm thinking about this. (Hopefully will get to my "highlights reel" soon.)

flail )
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Sharing some Jensen love.

Just got done watching the download. I really, really like this ep, for oh so many reasons. Some of them I mentioned last night, but I want to share something that specifically hit me about dynamics in this one.

Condolences on the dopplegangers. )
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*insert squee icon here*

Okay, so. I'm sitting in my office (with half the lights off, because I'm not really here on my day off trying to get a jump on some things), and while I'm waiting for a phone call (20 more minutes, and I'm out of here), I'm surfing the net.

And I happen across an extended (55 second) preview of tonight's ep. It's a CW official trailer thing, so I give it a click.

Preview spoiler squee. Click at your own risk. )

Head canon

Oct. 27th, 2011 01:57 pm
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A long (loooonnnnnggggg) while back, I wrote a fic that implied that Dean does a pretty hilarious Elvis imitation.

Jensen has now made it my head canon.

Go here, scroll about half way down to the video. Be sure to enjoy the scenery along the way.

ETA: If you can't get the vid to load from the LJ page, try it from here. But try the LJ page first. 'Cause there's a lot of pretteh to be appreciated. (Standard disclaimer: I know nothing about the foreign-to-me hosting site, nor can I read the language. Just so ya know. So any sort of, I dunno, questionable pop-up ads or whatever . . . surf at your own risk.)


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