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Lullaby/music box renditions of classic rock (Aerosmith, Journey, Elton John). I think Dean would approve.

(Once you get past the creepy factor.)
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We have a new antique/consignment shop in town. George and I like to stop in and chat with the owner.

A few days ago, I saw a pair of pointe shoes for sale.

I picked them up to look at them.

I did NOT get an overwhelming urge to Sugar Plum Fairy myself into oblivion.

I figure that's a good sign.

I pointed them out to George. We got a private little chuckle out of it.
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Okay, so I've managed, I think, to piece together the entire breakfast and the entire J&J panel via Superwiki (long may it live). And there is one particular piece that brings tears to my eye. Because I can't really stop laughing. Seriously. These guys crack me up.

Starting at 4:53 and going through 6:59.

What had me crying during the clip I watched yesterday is when Jensen is asking, "Does he still think that's Dean leaving the message, or does he know that was a doctored message?" and you can hear the fans around the vid recorder saying, "That's what we're asking!"

These guys crack. me. up!

(As an aside, the previous clip in this user's con vids, Jensen mentions his dream of having children. Which hits me emotionally for a completely different reason.)
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Because [livejournal.com profile] kimmer1227 posted something that made me think of this:

(Copied, as posted, from one of my old YahooGroups, The Tavern. Post dated February 2003.)

The Horror of Blimps )
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Of everything I've read about from the con, I think the thing I'm missing most regarding con vids is a vid of the fried rice pickle question that had Jensen in tears. (Of course, a video, I'm sure, doesn't do the scene justice, but still. I've not laughed like that in a long time.)
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George re-introduced me to one of my favorite comedy pieces tonight. If you like Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First?" give Wayne and Shuster a try:

The Shakespearean Baseball Game: A Comedy of Errors, Hits, and Runs

There are a couple bits missing from this transcript, and in the audio version we have, Rocky is actually Yogi. So if you get a chance to hear the routine, I highly recommend. But this will give you an idea.

I do love literate humor.


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