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Here be an index of some things that my readers and general passers-by might be interested in. All my Still Life research and much of my writing, all in one place. Wow.

Jensen Ackles can give you three pages of dialog by moving nothing but his left ear.
~[livejournal.com profile] kalquessa

Project Still Life Recap

All Still Life-related posts are tagged accordingly. The more "administrative" posts are not listed here, though some of my editorial comments are.



Dead Serious - Blurb recap
Dead Serious, Acts I & II
Dead Serious, Acts III, IV, & V

Evidence - Blurb recap
Evidence, Acts I, II, & III
Evidence, Acts IV & V

In other news, how much do I love Jensen? So very, very much. He continues to give Max an uncertainty of his place while simultaneously conveying the need to protect his sister(s). (He's got more scenes with Emily in this one, and I do so love them together.) He mixes vulnerability (with Maggie) with strength (when protecting Emily), and as open and extroverted as he plays Dean (and Alec), he's quite the opposite with Max. Max is a quiet man, a man of few words, and everything he says and does has purpose. I love Jensen's portrayal of Max.
~Me, July 17, 2008

Disappearances - Blurb recap
Disappearances, Acts I, II, & III
Disappearances, Acts IV & V

More Jensen descriptors

Gravity - Blurb recap
Gravity, Acts I, II, & III
Gravity, Acts IV & V

Not Fade Away - Blurb recap
Not Fade Away - Acts I, II, & III
Not Fade Away - Acts IV & V

Caught - Blurb recap
Caught, Acts I, II, & III
Caught, Acts IV & V

Supernatural Fic

Shadows and Surety
Light would be good right now. Light to see that Dean was Dean. Post-"Scarecrow."

Basium Angeli
The Winchester brothers were dangerous, mysterious, frightening. Kind of like real angels. "Jus in Bello" missing scene.

"What Am I Supposed to Do?"
He keeps the box of worn cassette tapes on the floor of the passenger side foot well. Post-"No Rest for the Wicked."

Dark Side of the Moon
He can't hear you. He doesn't want to. Post-"No Rest for the Wicked."

The Song Remains the Same (Posted in two parts)
Sam's heart aches in his chest to hear Dean sounding so broken, begging for help he doesn't believe will come. Post-"No Rest for the Wicked."

The Counsel We Keep
The words shouldn't have come as a surprise, and now their cards were all out on the table. Post-"Sex and Violence"

End Message
Even telling people he's unavailable does not keep them from calling.

People Are Strange
Crazy Old Mr. Singer lived in a big, spooky house in the middle of his big spooky junkyard. We were sure the place was haunted.

Put the Load Right On Me
Hunters aren't the only ones who keep journals. Excerpts from a journal kept early days after . . . well, just after.

Won't You Take Me To . . .
"Easy, dude," Dad said, glancing in the rearview mirror. "Give Sammy a break. It won't kill you to let him pick the music for a change."

Close to Home
Just because Dean's going away doesn't mean he's leaving.

I Ain't Missing You At All
She thinks about him every day. She can't help it.

Just One Year
Lisa felt like she had lost something, and no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t seem to find it.

Fun with SPN Trivia

Numb3rs fic index

Crochet projects


Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice

Ginger Peanut Soup
Direct Link to Ginger Peanut Soup

Molasses Whisper Cake

My mother's key lime pie

Baked Mac & Cheese (no pre-boiling)

Baked Mac & Cheese

Aunt Ono's Snowflake Cookies

Sea Foam Salad

Slow Cooker Barbecue Pork

Pumpkin-Corn Chowder

Date: 2008-08-13 01:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] izhilzha.livejournal.com
Hey, you should link your Numb3rs fic here, too. So any new visitors can find them. :-)

Date: 2009-01-22 10:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] strgazr04.livejournal.com
Thx for all the Still Life info. I really wish I could see more than the tiny Pilot clips posted on youtube. How did you manage to see all these episodes? I'm so jealous!
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