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Work has all but consumed my life right now. I'm fighting the consumption and jealously protecting my time off, but with so many events at the theater right now, I'm working more Christmas events than I'm having the opportunity to attend. We've watched a few Christmas-y things on TV (we did our yearly viewing of The Christmas Cottage the other night, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some other favorites as well), but we've had to skip a party we'd planned to attend so that we could get our tree up and decorated (the kittens continue to tag team the tree and undecorated it on a daily basis).

It seems I get tearier than usual this time of year, particular during these more recent years.

Here's a little something I was re-introduced to yesterday. I've seen it before, but it always makes me smile, particularly the last segment. Enjoy.

I wonder if we could book these guys at the theatre.

Merry Christmas!


Aug. 8th, 2013 08:54 pm
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This? Is a pretty awesome PSA. I'll let it speak for itself . . .

Last year, while Geo and I were traveling, we got caught in a very long traffic delay. Traffic was being re-routed and when we finally saw the wreck that caused the stoppage, it was horrible. It looked like an SUV had pretty much gone under a road crew truck. Looking the accident up on the internet a day or so later, it turns out that texting by the SUV's driver was a suspected cause.

ETA: An article about the accident we encountered.

Texting while driving: So not worth it.
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I've had a very, very busy week. Maybe I'll get around to telling you about it. Been working almost non-stop for two weeks. So looking forward to the day off.

And while I've been house managing the newly opened theater, SPN boys have been doing conventions. Jus In Bello, in Rome, was last weekend. It's been a long time since I've shared the con vids that make me smile, hasn't it.

It's also been a long time since I've danced. And you know who else dances? Guess. )
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I have decided, after watching some convention clips, that after SPN finishes its run, Jensen and Jared need to do a variety show.

Why do I say this? )
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Two months late, but we've got some very pretty Winter Wonderland snow going today. Won't be going anywhere, as the cars are snowed in, but that's okay.

So there's this thing . . .  )
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It's been a long time since I've waxed poetical about Jensen Ackles, but the man is as delightful and amazing as ever. SPN won Favorite SciFi Show at the PCAs, and Jensen and Jared were there to accept the award. They were, of course, accompanied by their beautiful wives, and they all looked smashing.

Clicky the clicky )
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I don't have a graphic to share, but my warmest wishes to my f-listies and lurkers for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and joyous and blessed 2013.

This season, one of the songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra has caught me.

Good King Joy )
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The office is a little noisier than usual right now, so I've not had the opportunity to listen to his properly yet. But I wanted to share the mellow richness of his wonderful voice.

I'm in a rather melancholy mood this morning, and I think Someone is trying to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure I saw an eagle this morning on the way to work. I should have S7 waiting for me when I get home--with the outtake goodies and gag reel to make me chuckle. And these lovely shots of Jensen in this vid.

Recently, I've kind of wished I learned how to play a portable instrument. I'm often frustrated with myself for giving up my piano for years and years, but I also wish I had aptitude on a portable instrument, like a guitar, or even a simple wind instrument, like a penny whistle.

Anyway, maybe if I get to work in the papers in front of me, the day will progress a little more quickly.
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Below the cut, you will find the 60 second promo spot from the CW. Nothing uber-spoilery, but if you don't want anything at all, heed the warning.

I am so ready for the new season.

If you're a 'phobe, do not click the clicky. )
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Specifically, go to the 8:23 mark...

I think I love Kim Rhodes. She's a Jensen fan. But then, we knew that, didn't we? From their soap opera days? (She's got an inner fangirl. Hee!)

Also, take the time to watch the panel. I just kind of stumbled upon mention of it, and found it, and these are really great people to watch.
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I ran across this con vid a few days ago. It's from last year's (2011) Rome convention.

The beginning is great, but for the question, go to the 2:50 mark. Or for the more specific part that makes me smile, start at the 4:00 mark and watch through 7:27.

They make me laugh.

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Thomas Colton Padalecki.

From the People Magazine website:

Jared Padalecki Welcomes Son Thomas Colton

Jared Padalecki‘s new role: Superdad!

The Supernatural star and his wife Genevieve Cortese welcomed a son, Thomas Colton Padalecki, on Monday, March 19, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby boy weighed in at 8 lbs., 6 oz.

After announcing that they were expecting, Padalecki, 29, and Cortese, 31, requested fans contribute to St. Jude’s Research Hospital in lieu of gifts.

Thus far, fans have raised over $40,000 for the hospital, and the couple plans to match the final total.

Padalecki wed former Supernatural costar Cortese in February 2010 in Sun Valley, Idaho.

I like the name. Thomas is a name I've been half considering recently, since recently reading about the apostle Thomas's loyalty. (Yes, he's most remembered for doubting, but he was also loyal. Then Thomas (also known as Didymus) said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him.” ~John 11:16)

It's a lovely name they've chosen. (Or perhaps Baby Thomas introduced himself. Hee.)

Start at the 6:09 mark )
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In case you haven't seen it yet, vids are starting to show up from the Supernatural convention in Burbank this weekend. (With everyone now going to Twitter, it's getting harder for me to find them. Hopefully, people will continue to put their vids on YT as well.)

And Dick Speight presented Jensen with a birthday cake.

The first vid: I had to link to it, because for some reason, it wouldn't let me embed it. It's more complete, but is shot from further away, and the audio is more difficult to decipher. If you listen really closely, you can make out most of it, though.

This vid won't let me embed.

Vid by kelios

Jensen does know how to make fun out of his embarrassment. I love him so.

ETA: One more. (Close-up of cake face. Warning: Turn the volume way down.)

Wild Boys

Feb. 28th, 2012 04:04 pm
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Still one of my favorites.

Have been re-visiting some of my favorite vids. I'm not usually into fan vids, but I kinda fell in love with this one long ago and far away.

Seems a lifetime ago, doesn't it?

Now off to treadmill while I watch S1 of CSI. Also a lifetime ago.


Dec. 2nd, 2011 03:37 pm
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Supernatural is up for a couple of People's Choice Awards. The Js would like you to vote:

As soon as they said they weren't going to do anything "gimmicky," I was expecting something.

I was not expecting that.

(However, it's in keeping with the theme of Jason Mann's recent video. I . . . have no comment.)

And now, I wax analytical )

Head canon

Oct. 27th, 2011 01:57 pm
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A long (loooonnnnnggggg) while back, I wrote a fic that implied that Dean does a pretty hilarious Elvis imitation.

Jensen has now made it my head canon.

Go here, scroll about half way down to the video. Be sure to enjoy the scenery along the way.

ETA: If you can't get the vid to load from the LJ page, try it from here. But try the LJ page first. 'Cause there's a lot of pretteh to be appreciated. (Standard disclaimer: I know nothing about the foreign-to-me hosting site, nor can I read the language. Just so ya know. So any sort of, I dunno, questionable pop-up ads or whatever . . . surf at your own risk.)
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We all know Jensen is a fantastic actor. We all know he can play opposite just about anyone, even himself. We all know he can dig deep and bring out emotions so subtly that it makes us weep. Or laugh. Or whatever. He can deliver three pages of dialogue by moving nothing but his left ear.

Are you paying attention, Emmy? )


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