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Got back last night from a trip to Ohio to celebrate the parents' 75th birthdays. The travel was loooooonnnnnnnger than usual, thanks to road construction in both directions. Blech. Got to see Li'l Bro and SiL and Baby Bump. Shopping with Cousin J and Mom, trip to Greenville with the fan.

Today I spend baking for a dessert party fundraiser tomorrow. Friends have graciously opened their home for a dessert tasting party where donations for our adoption fund will be gratefully accepted. My baking includes:

Pineapple pretzel salad
Angel lush trifle (angel food cake and pineapple)
Homemade "bing bongs."
Ice cream cone cupcakes
Texas sheet cake (maybe)

George will make homemade ice cream.

Hostess is baking pies.

Work Friend A is baking cookies.

Work Friend C is bringing hummingbird cake.

Wife of George's Writer Colleague is bringing Thai food.

Open house style, but not a lot of affirmative responses from our invitations. I hope people are planning on coming and just haven't responded.
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Usually, I would be posting about the highlights of the previous year right now. But I'm so far behind, I need to journal my Christmas first.

Christmas in Ohio )
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have returned.

Got home from CA this evening. Busy, busy trip.

In brief: Wedding, Hot Fuzz, Disneyland.

I'll write in more detail later, and hopefully tomorrow I'll get my long and rambly done before the LJ maintenance. In short: Show loves me, and I'm loving show.

And Jensen looked really good.

SPN - 7.02

Oct. 1st, 2011 12:46 pm
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Just watched it on download. (Now that Izhi has made the announcement, I can tell you that I'm in L.A. for her wedding! \o/ I'm reading "sexy Scripture," as she calls it. More on that later. Busy, busy day.) And I met kalquessa in person for the first time yesterday! \o/ And if there are weird typos in this, it's because I just painted my nails.

But I must take a moment to flail )

Now to set my mind to wedding things. (Will write more specifically about it all later.) Don't know when I'll get my long and rambly done; it might have to wait until I'm home. I shall certainly try to have it done before the next ep airs.
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So. Traveled trans-continental non-stop yesterday. Oy!

Had a wonderful time once we got checked into our hotel, though.

The Magic Castle Hotel is a renovated apartment complex build in the 1950s. As a result, our suite is actually a former apartment, complete with kitchenette, modest living/dining area, cute little bathroom, and one bedroom. Perfect for a single person in Hollywood, I'd think.

All the apartments surround a courtyard, the centerpiece of which is the pool, which is open 24/7. (I'm thinking late night swim before we leave.) I can totally see the complex having parties, with everyone's doors open and having a good time.

Went for a dip in the pool yesterday, then got ready for dinner at Yamashiro, up the hill a ways. (The hotel provided free shuttle service.) We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I discovered a beer that I really like (Pyramid Apricot), and I took the waiter's recommendation and changed my entree order (I ordered the pasta and vegetable dish, he told me how it was totally not as advertised on the menu, and was actually one of only a couple items on the menu that he really didn't like.) I ended up ordering the baby back ribs. Now, the funny thing is--ribs, yams (sweet potatoes), and cornbread is that it's something I could totally get back in Virginia. Heck, it's a Southern staple combination. The difference? The Asian twist to everything. Yes, I ate the ribs with a knife and fork (totally NOT how one eats ribs). They were mighty tasty, and this coming from someone who doesn't eat ribs (because of the whole messy finger food thing). The yams were whipped super-smooth and fluffy. And the cornbread had--get this--a dash of anise in it. As George said, "Why does this remind me of Christmas? Ah! It's anise." And for dessert, I had chocolate souffle cake, and he had a pretty darn amazing ice cream cookie "sandwich."

We then walked down to the farmer's market, but it was dark, and I was tired (jet lag, you know), so we came back to the hotel.

I slept for 8 hours solid for the first time probably since our trip to the Outer Banks two years ago.
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Sitting in the courtyard next to the pool at our hotel, listening to the Eagles' "Hotel California." I don't know whether to be disturbed or not.
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We're traveling. We stayed at one of our favorite overnight spots, a state lodge in WV. The place is old school. Traditional keys with tags, no key cards.

The next morning, we went to the Mystery Spot Hole. "Where the laws of physics have no meaning." "See the laws of gravity defied."

Mystery Hole

It was cheesy and fun and very ingenious. The was all physics and illusions, and very amazing. The guy who created must have been incredibly smart. And really into physics.

And I totally get the warning to vertigo sufferers. I don't have it myself, but the place did give me a headache.

One of the best pieces, though, was a cheesy theatrical haunted house trick that made one of the ladies in our group scream. And it was such a perfect scream for the incident.

It was a lot of fun.

No wormholes or repeating days, though. Yay for that.
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For those who haven't heard, Jared Padalecki now has a twitter account.


It sounds like the way I ended up with a twitter--peer pressure in a moment of weakness. It would seem that Jensen is the last holdout.

Stay strong, Jensen! Don't give in! (Though he has mentioned considering getting one that's officially his . . . and then never using it.)

Regarding the Nashville con )
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Geo and I are back in Ohio this weekend. He's recording eps of his radio show, and yesterday, they did one for a "live studio audience" at a Dayton theater.

Also, stopped by the PAC on Friday and touched base with a few people.

Also had an interesting conversation with Geo's radio show partner. I might write about that later.

As I wrote on Friday, Mother and I watched Show together. I'll try to get my long & rambly sometime this week. There will much, MUCH to cover. (Jensen, just rip my heart out, why don't you. Guh!)

So that's an update from here.
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Well I’ve never been to Greenland
And I've never been to Denver
And I’ve never buried treasure in St. Louie or St. Paul
And I’ve never been to Moscow
And I’ve never been to Tampa
And I’ve never been to Boston in the fall.

(from We're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything)

And I've still never been to Boston in the fall. But it feels like Chicago in the fall. *nods*

We're at another presentation of These Amazing Shadows. George is on the Q&A panel tonight, followed by a reception. Then tomorrow there's a 2 hour panel followed by another reception.

I need to figure out if there's anything we want to see while we're here (I'm sure there is), and see if we can fit it in tomorrow.

As an aside . . . )
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Only one minorminor spoiler, and only if you've been living under a rock since . . . PaleyFest? The con previous to that? I dunno. Anyway:

They crack me up! I love them so freakin' much. They make my day in an empty office brighter.

I have also decided that if I ever get a chance to go to a con, I think I'd like it to be Jus in Bello. The European cons seem more laid-back and relaxed, plus, it's in ITALY! I've never been! And everyone I know who has been has loved it!

Of course, the closest thing to speaking a second language I have is my very rusty Spanish. So Barcelona might not be impossible (hypothetically). I'd LOVE to go to England (and Scotland and Ireland, while I'm there), but I've heard that those are very congested and somewhat disorganized and exhausting.

Of course, I'd have LOVED to be able to go to the Nashville con. That one was close enough to taste it, except for the cost. And not having anyone to go with. Alas, 'tis simply not meant to be.
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As promised, some of my favorite pics from Sundance.

Cut for graphic intensity to save f-list space )
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Sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for our flight to Chi-town. Security was a wee bit harder here than in D.C., though neither time did I have to go through the backscatter X-ray machine. Such a relief. God had my guardian angel watching out for me.

One thing I forgot in my previous entry (I've added it as an ETA):

The best part of the party was chatting with Arlene Damron. Though you've probably never heard of her, her father made a very significant contribution to the record of American history. Her father shot the home movie footage that later became the movie Topaz, about the Japanese internment camps. You see, her family was moved to one such camp. One of the shots from the movie was a shot of her mother holding her. Arlene is a delightful woman and told me some of her parents' experiences at the time. She's a sweet, sweet woman, and I'm delighted I had the opportunity to meet her.
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We're getting ready to leave for the airport.

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. Press photos, which they actually wanted spouses in for some.

Lunch at Pizza and Noodle.

World Premiere screening of the movie, followed by a panel Q&A. Everyone was so impressed with Geo, with his charm and his knowledge and his passion. I even had someone come up to me and comment on it.

My husband, I am proud of him.

Then the IFC party, sponsored by K-Swiss. (IFC is the domestic distributor.) I can say that I have now seen how they set up those red carpet shots for the sponsors. Geo and the two directors had red carpet shots. I hope I can see them. (Oh! Maybe they'll be on Getty's site!)

The best part of the party was chatting with Arlene Damron. Though you've probably never heard of her, her father made a very significant contribution to the record of American history. Her father shot the home movie footage that later became the movie Topaz, about the Japanese internment camps. You see, her family was moved to one such camp. One of the shots from the movie was a shot of her mother holding her. Arlene is a delightful woman and told me some of her parents' experiences at the time. She's a sweet, sweet woman, and I'm delighted I had the opportunity to meet her.

I'm really not a party person. I'd much rather sit in a nice restaurant and have a reasonably-volumed conversation than have to shout at the top of my lungs over the d.j. or band. Shoulder-to-shoulder people isn't really my scene either.

But I totally get how they're great for networking. Not exactly what I'd call fun, but useful.

During the day, as we were walking along Main Street, there was a young guy who everyone was stopping to get a picture with. I didn't recognize him. After we were passed, I asked Geo, "Should I know who that is?" A girl in front of me snickered.

I told our group that the people I really admire aren't here. They're working.

One of the crew members told me I've probably walked past a lot more celebrities than I realize. He also told me I shouldn't care. :-)

Gonna sign off now. It's been an experience, both educational and fun. And our crew is great. Very interesting and friendly and fun people. It will be kinda nice to come out of the bubble I've been in all weekend. I've missed The Boyz. (And did my fangirl heart cry a little to learn that Jensen will be jamming with Jason at the L.A. con? And there will most likely be minimal--if any--vid footage? Yes. Yes, it did.)
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Yesterday (Saturday) was a busy, busy day.

We did some window shopping on Main Street, then went to see Abraxas at the Egyptian Theatre. The movie was not quite the story I expected, but it was very good and very well made. The theater is a restored 1926 theater that is small-ish and amazing.

Then it was a bus ride (oy!) to the Redstone Cinema for the screening of These Amazing Shadows. Again, I didn't quite have the topic of the movie correct. It was a documentary about the National Film Register (sorry, Ruth, no mention of George Eastman House). It was really interesting, and George did a FANTASTIC job. He's very interesting to listen to, and a lot of people had questions for him during the Q&A.

Afterwards was a very nice dinner for the cast/crew at Chumayo. Then some people wanted to try to crash the OWN (Oprah Winfrey's party promoting her network) party. We did so successfully, and I was apparently in the same room as Forrrest Whitaker (?). I sort of recognize the name, but don't recognize the guy.

Parties are for shmoozing, obviously, and since I'm not in the industry, I just kind of hung out with George or our own cast and crew. HP was there showing off some new photo/printer technology, and Geo and I got a couple of really nice pictures. Unfortunately, we failed to remember to e-mail the pics to ourselves when we e-mailed them to the parents. If they can send the pic back to me, I'll see about sharing it.

We got some swag on the way out, but since I'm not particularly an Oprah Winfrey fan, I'm not leaping out of my skin with excitement. (Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell were there at the beginning of the party, but had long since left by the time we got there. I do not feel like I missed out on anything.)

Oh, you're probably wondering if I've seen or met any recognizable celebs. In a word, no. The best place, I'm told, to meet celebs (and don't be afraid to just go up and introduce yourself) is to hang out at the headquarters café, which we haven't done. Too much other stuff to do (and too much time spent on the busses *eyeroll*).

It's also interesting that one of the directors of our project, who had a directors' brunch with Robert Redford, reported that the "real" Sundance is at the institute, not the festival. That the festival, you get hit with hype as soon as you "the border." The festival that all the people come to, while fun, is not what it was intended to be, from what I gather. Which, really, comes as no surprise.

Today is a bit more shopping (I still need to get a good souvenir), then the press walk, then lunch at Flannagan's \o/, then come back and get ready for the red carpet premiere of the movie.

Also, we had a nice, fluffy snow (that turned windy and wet) yesterday. The scenery around here is amazing.

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I don't have internet access this weekend, as the wifi in the condo is screwy. (I'm on a borrowed computer at the mo.)

Friday was spent sitting in cramped seating of various types--first on the plane, then on the shuttle, then on the bus. About the time the bus started back-tracking us to where we'd already been, I started getting a little fed up.

On the bright side, the scenery is amazing, and we discovered an Irish pub. (And curry chips. Yummy!) And George got a new hat.

We saw one of the Slamdance movies last night, Superheroes, but we were late (thanks to the bus), and had to sit on the floor. What I could see of the movie was very interesting. My back, however, was not overly appreciative. But I was told that that is a true Sundance experience, so there ya go.

We were on the guest list for a sponsor party (the Levi's party promoting the movie Ka-Boom), but parties don't start until 10 or 10:30 pm, and we were exhausted, so we made our (mis-adventurous, thanks to the bus) way back to the condo.

The only movie I'll get to see is Abraxas, which we're going to this morning. Then the rest of the day is related to Geo's movie. Then tonight is the cast&crew party.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the press walk and the second showing.
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We're preparing to wing our way to beautiful, scenic Park City, Utah. I'm looking forward to new adventures and interesting movies. Airport security? Not so much.

Here are the movies I'm hoping our schedule will allow us to see:

Abraxas . . . about a punk-rocker-turned-Buddist-monk, who *needs* music in his life, and how his . . . priest? . . . figures out a way for him to combine sacred and secular.

The Bengali Detective . . . which . . . the description must be read to be understood. Imagine a Bollywood detective action/adventure. I think.

The Guard . . . about a crusty Irish cop and a straitlaced US FBI agent who's tracking an international criminal.

The Troll Hunter . . . Norwegian X-Files . . . sort of . . .

There are a lot of other movies I'd like to see, but we'll have to see how they fit in with Geo's schedule.

Oh, and here's Geo's movie: These Amazing Shadows


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