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Here be an index of some things that my readers and general passers-by might be interested in. All my Still Life research and much of my writing, all in one place. Wow.

Project Still Life Recap )

Supernatural fic )

Fun with SPN Trivia

Numb3rs fic index

Crochet projects

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I've been reviewing my Still Life stuff, and I want to weep that no one else has seen it. I want to talk about characters. I want to read fic. I want everyone to see Jensen play Max, because Max is so very different from Dean.
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Here it is, the final installment of Project Still Life Recap. Many thanks to all who have read along. To those who commented, thank you for letting me know this isn't just floating around in cyberspace somewhere. To those who lurked, I hope you enjoyed it.

Caught, Acts I, II, & III

Caught, Acts IV & V )
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I'd intended to get this posted before Thanksgiving, but that was not to be. Here, then, is the first half of the last transcript for Still Life.

Caught, Acts I, II, & III )
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Hey, gang. For those Still Life readers who watch N3:

In last night's episode, "Charlie Don't Surf," you know the girl who played the surfer's ex-girlfriend? Well, she looked really familiar to me, but I couldn't place her. I felt very strongly that she had been on SPN, and that she'd done a scene with . . . Jared. But Memory said that didn't feel quite right. No, she'd done scenes with Jensen. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out what character or which episode.

When I looked her up on IMDB today, everything fell into place:

She played Nona in Still Life.

So, for those of you who've been following my recaps, and who watch N3, surfer's ex-girlfriend was Nona.

Just to help give you the visuals to go with the recaps and transcripts.
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We're in the home stretch, folks. Here be the next-to-the-last ep (number 6 of 7). Enjoy.

Not Fade Away, Acts I, II, & III )
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It's been a while in coming, I know, but hopefully it's worth it.

Gravity, Acts I, II, & III )
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Fair warning, folks. I pseudo-promised you a spammy day last week, and today might be it. I've had some things on my mind of late, and some thespic ponderings I've been wanting to put into words, and maybe even a book review or two that I've been wanting to write (one of which has sort of drifted off into the ether due to elapsed time). And maybe a brief movie review. But we'll have to see how today goes.

In the meantime, I had every intention of getting the transcript to the next Still Life ep, "Gravity," posted, but RL and my computer conspired against me. This is the ep with all sorts of happy!Max, smiling!Max, shyly!smug!Max, flirty!Max, with a dose of angsty!Max to top it all off. In other words, lots and LOTS of typing, and an attempt to properly (but ultimately, I fear, inadequately) turn these scenes into words. But I'm headed to do the last act of the ep today, so hopefully I'll have something to post tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

In the meantime, here's hoping that everyone reading this is healthy and in good spirits. Autumn is coming to my corner of the world. It's refreshing.
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For those of you still with me on this, I just wanted to let you know that I'm hoping to get the next transcript (for Disappearances) up tonight or maybe Wednesday. RL has sort of gotten in the way of my research time, but that's a topic for another post.

As you were.
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No preamble. You know why you're here.

Evidence, Acts I, II, & III )
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As promised, Acts I and II of the Still Life's second episode, "Dead Serious." It's sort of a combination of a couple different styles. The shorter conversations and scenes that I just summarize are more prose-y, while the scenes that I dictated in length are in a more transcript-like format. Please let me know if I need to clarify something, or if you have any questions.

For the previouslies, check here and here. For a portrait of the Morgan family, check here. Note that this third site is dead, for obvious reasons.

Dead Serious, Acts I & II )
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Greetings Still Lifers (and any other guests or passers-by)!

Here's what's doing . . .

After spending 2 hours yesterday and close to 5 hours today at the NAVCC transcribing "Dead Serious," my brain is all but mush. I've got 34 typed pages of transcript that I'm reasonably certain will not all fit in one LJ post. So I'll probably go through and clean up and post by act.

There's a lot of ground to cover in this one. It lays a lot of the groundwork and a lot of the backstory for several of the relationship, particularly Max and Maggie, Max and Emily, and Max and dad Ben. I will try to be as descriptive as I can without losing the flow of the progress of the story. Since we're all here for pretty much the same reason, most of my detail-oriented attention will be focused on Max.

Look for Act I (and maybe Act II) tomorrow.
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It feels like it's been a while since I've posted. Been busy with RL, and not much new to say on the fannish front.

I have now created an index page at the top of my journal, listing my Still Life entries and my SPN fic. It's not a 100% comprehensive list of my SL entries, but it hits the (obviously) important stuff. All SL entries are tagged accordingly, if you want to go looking for all of them.

I didn't go to the NAVCC last week, and it felt kind of odd. I've gotten used to going one afternoon a week to watch an ep of Still Life. But now that I've had a breather, I'm going to try to get back at it this week. I'll focus most of my efforts on "Dead Serious," since that one got seriously gypped the first time around. Since these will be more transcript-y, it will probably take me longer to get them posted, but I hope to have something for you by Friday.

I've agreed to act as production manager for the play I didn't get a role in, Something's Afoot. I've also agreed to be in the cast of a murder mystery/dinner theater/fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. It's audience participation, and that always makes me nervous.

Still waiting to hear from the insurance company on the repair of our kitchen ceiling. Grrr . . .
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Yes, my blurbs seem to have grown into full-grown recaps. Each scene gets at least a sentence. I warned you, didn't I?

We've got lots of ground to cover with this last installment, so grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, sit down, and hold on.

Caught )

And that, my friends, is the last of Still Life. I'm going to take a breather for a few days and attend to some pressing RL things. Then I'll get back to it and fill out some of the stuff (mostly the Jensen stuff) I missed the first time around.


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