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Jun. 2nd, 2013 09:32 pm
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Who knew edamame shells make an awesome and hilarious kitten toy?
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From [livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen

"Please copy and paste this to your status if you’re constantly being asked to copy and paste things to your status by friends who copy and paste things to their statuses. Many people will not copy and paste this, but my truly sarcastic friends will copy and paste it because they know this was copied and pasted from a dear friend in need of more stuff to copy and paste; and if you don’t copy and paste it, then this means you hate bacon. And if you hate bacon, the terrorists win."

I have no idea what that last part means, but it sounds bad.
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3.14. I will have to figure out what pi(e) to get for dinner tonight.
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I've found a new picture of that band I posted about a while back.

Here's the latest )
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Back in June, I made this post asking f-listies to give me the background of the promo shot. Assuming that we knew nothing about SPN, or who these actors are, or anything about anything but the picture, what kind of TV show do you think it would be a promo pic for?

Well, here's another awesome promo pic that needs a story. )
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I totally would have taken this class when I was in college.

Though I think I would have preferred one on vampires. (You know, "real" vampires and vampire lore. Not the pasty, waif-y, sparkly stuff that's going on now.)

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. . . I really am that pathetic.

S5 on DVD today )
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Sadly, I don't actually LOL much at the internetz anymore. But this icon? Oh, yeah. So much so that I had to share.

The angels have the phone box. )
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Quite possibly the best tongue-in-cheek description of B:UtRH I've read. Found in the comments of the review here.

So, it's Captain Pike and Dr. Horrible battling Bender and Lucius Malfoy for the soul of Dean Winchester. AWESOME

This? I want to see. Bwah!
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I am both impressed and amused that the artist of this cartoon is so familiar with fan culture.

It's both hilarious and disturbing, because it's true )
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Geo walked through the room, saw that I had the Amazon page for B:UtRH up. He asked if I'd ordered it yet. I said no, not yet. "Well go ahead and order it! I want to see it!" he says. "You don't want to wait until August for the Netflix?" asks I. "No!" says he.


So . . . Jensen or no, I guess either he's seen enough about it or I've talked enough about it that he wants to see it.

He cracks me up.
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These thoughts arose from a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] saberivojo:

Sloppy Joes = made with American bbq sauces & flavoring

Using Italian sauces & flavorings = Sloppy Guiseppes

Using Mexican flavorings = Sloppy Josés

Geo is currently outside seasoning (the way you would a cast iron skillet) his new charcoal grill. Big boys and their toys, yeah? :-)
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Yesterday I posted a vid clip from the Rome con. During the course of a question, Jensen asked "Who's on set?"

He said it in such a way that I've decided . . .

I'd very much like to see Jensen and Jared do "Who's On First?" Because that would be hi. larious.

I'd also love to see it cast both ways, because in RL, Jared would be the Costello of the team, and Jensen would be the Abbott. But considering that they play the exact opposite on the show, I just . . . Yeah. Someone make it happen, plz?

Okay, as you were.


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