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Yesterday at the grocery checkout, the cashier asked started to ask, "Paper or . . . " until she saw our reusable bags. "Were you going to ask us, 'Paper or plastic?'" I said. "I haven't heard that in eons!" And yes, indeed, there were the paper bags at the end of the line. I'm thrilled! Could it be that the tide is changing and that the grocery bag gods are starting to realize that paper is actually, you know, biodegradable? Less likely to entangle and choke wildlife if it escapes in the wind? Better for the planet, maybe? I'm tickled.
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George and I did some actual shopping in preparation for early days: car seat/carrier, baby bather, diapers, and Butt Paste. Yes, the same kind Dean had Sam put in the cart in "Two and a Half Men." No, not because of that. Because it was the product that I could read and recognize all of the ingredients on the list. I like recognizing such things.

It's weird to think that (whether temporarily or long term) we'll have a wee one in the house soon. George even told me I should get to bed because this is the last (or almost the last) Saturday I'll have to sleep through the night for a while.

Not that my stuffed up nose is going to let me sleep through the night. Oy. Well, we can hope it won't get that bad.
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Friday, between the different portions of my work day, I went to Target to get baby locks for the cleaning supply cabinets.

And as I'm walking down the aisles, feeling very strange, like I don't belong there, I realized that this is our first purchase for our little one. Not someone else's; this is a purchase we're making for ourselves.

I had to stop and call George and ask if he wanted to be in on it. Which, he did. So I didn't get anything.

We went today and got them together. Not a big thing by any stretch, but, you know.
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Yesterday was a good day.

The weather has cooled off, and it looks like we got some much-needed rain last night.

It was a lazy day when I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything.

Geo and I went shopping, and I got a new pant suit at JCPenney, on sale. I love JCP sales. They're awesome. This is the new outfit I'm planning on wearing for our anniversary* if I don't find anything I like better in the meantime.

We also went to Lowe's, and I bought two pieces of bathroom fixtures for the master bath. Eventually, that room will get done.

MY SPN SOUNDTRACK ARRIVED! *bounce, bounce* There's some good, good stuff on that. I like TV and movie soundtracks anyway, but this is great. It's got all my favorite original stuff--Dean's guitar riff, the hard-driving music that accompanied the break-in at the auction house in "Provenance," and the melodic, heart-hurty stuff that accompanies the heart-to-heart talks, that chronicles the brothers' emotional journey, their greatest hurts and their fondest memories. (Hey, question: Can someone confirm which passage of music is the one that usually accompanies Dean's family moments? I think I know where it is, but some music is used for so many noteworthy scenes that my brain can't focus on one.)

All in all, a very contented day.

*For our fifteenth anniversary, Geo and I are taking the train up to NYC to see The Addams Family Musical, starring Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. I'm very excited. First time to travel by train, first trip to NYC, let alone seeing a show on Broadway, and my love of the Addamses requires a separate entry.

What a day

Apr. 17th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Went shopping. Bought yarn, a crochet hook, a pattern book, crafting supplies, groceries, and a Dodge Neon.

Also got word that Uncle J (the widower of Aunt J2) has passed away. I'm not surprised (between the Parkinson's and losing Aunt J2), but man, my cousins have been through it recently.
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Have you ever noticed how much the words Wal-Mart and Voldemort sound alike? I think there's a connection there.

The Dread Pirate Wal-Mart )

I played the piano for church today. Geo assures me that I did fine, and several people expressed their gratitude, but it's been well on 15 years since I've played for an audience, let alone as an accompanist, and my hands were shaking so badly. On the up side, I was so nervous, I didn't feel the cut on my thumb. And today was the easy songs. Next week are the songs in 12/8 and 9/8 time that I'm going to have to dissect and re-count in 3's.

Random aside: [livejournal.com profile] izhilzha, would it not be totally awesome and canon-based if Don's sekrit math skill actually were music? It's already helped him crack one case.


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