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As we're approaching the beginning of S6, I'm not really looking for long, drawn out discussion here, just floating something that occurred to me recently. (Comments of course are welcome. It's just that spirited debate probably won't be forthcoming).

ETA: Some of my post got lost, it appears. *sigh* Re-created to add.

Dean Winchester: Servant of Heaven )
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I had planned to post this last week, to work through some depression and all. Then [livejournal.com profile] girlyghoul70 sent me that hilarious piccie. And I had a very good weekend. So I'm feeling much better (though still very sleepy from my current meds).

But I want to share what's up, because now that we've had the season finale, which for all intents and purposes was the end of the five-year arc, it would seem I'm approaching the summer a bit differently.

Times They Are A'Changin' )
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Hey. Don't look at me funny like that. Thursday is usually the end of my work week. And considering that I worked both Friday and Saturday last week (and was dealing with a little bit of depression), I'm delighted that I'm almost outta here for the weekend!

More SPN babbling behind the cut )
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More random musings, behind the cut so's you can skip it by if you're not interested.

More random musings on 'Swan Song' )
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Well, it's been three days (+/-). I've re-watched the ep once, and I've toyed with tag fic. I've cried, I've read opinions and meta, and I've seen a pic of Jensen at his wedding. (This last one is important in that it distances from Show. It brings RL back into focus and re-establishes priorities.)

So here I am to give you the last long and rambly of the season. In it, you will find a lot of things that really rubbed me the wrong way. (I try not to use the word "hate" very often, as I think it's overused. But some things in this ep? They come really, really close.) Other things were kind of okay, or I can live with them, or adjust to them, or whatever.

But enough of this.

The Road Thus Far )
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The download was up early today, and I re-watched the end of the ep the rest behind the cut )
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So much flaily suspense and excitement in this one. I don't know if I'm going to survive until next week--or survive next week, for that matter.

I'm also mildly amused that whereas some people were trying to talk me off the ledge at the beginning of the season, I'm now trying to talk others off the ledge now. Oh, the irony.

So, let's get down to flaily business, shall we?

You want to elaborate? )
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I . . . Wha . . . . Bwphew;oie.enwiofds . . .

That hour just flew by! )
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Well, like I said, I don't have many thinky thoughts on this one. There wasn't anything that I found to be an earthshattering reveal in the overall arch. It was more interesting to me to see the character dynamics and attitudes and challenges that the characters faced in this one.

Hey, check it out. I look like the King of Pop. )
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In many ways, this ep was self-explanatory. In other ways, I'm gonna have to ponder (and watch my download, because our CW affiliate is incapable of broadcasting the show without dropping something key--usually Dean snark) before I can form fully coherent sentences on this ep.

I will say . . .  )
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Yay iTunes finally uploaded!

This ep had so much to love, so much to ouch, and a bit to ignore.

One night off. Is that too much to ask? )
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I'm not sure I have many thinky thoughts to share for this ep. It pretty much speaks for itself, I think, and whether or not you like what it has to say is up to you.

The beautiful room is in an abandoned muffler factory in Van Nuys, California? )
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That? I was not expecting. )

In only semi-related news, I was watching one of my mom's talk show/news magazine shows with her tonight, and they had a segment about a study done in Scotland about what kind of men women are more attracted to, macho or sensitive, and how that preference relates to the availability of health care. (Bzuh?) Anyway, women in the US apparently prefer machismo over sensitivity, though the women discussing the study were one of each (one woman preferred sensitive; one woman preferred macho). I told my mom, that's why Jensen Ackles is a near perfect specimen. He's a combination of both. *g*

Anyway, as you were.
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Well, I was going to create and post a nifty new icon for the 100th ep, but I fail at Photoshop (it is far from intuitive), and now I'm tired and cranky and frustrated and bleh.

So I'll just say Yay 100 eps! *blows noisemaker*


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