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Yesterday at the grocery checkout, the cashier asked started to ask, "Paper or . . . " until she saw our reusable bags. "Were you going to ask us, 'Paper or plastic?'" I said. "I haven't heard that in eons!" And yes, indeed, there were the paper bags at the end of the line. I'm thrilled! Could it be that the tide is changing and that the grocery bag gods are starting to realize that paper is actually, you know, biodegradable? Less likely to entangle and choke wildlife if it escapes in the wind? Better for the planet, maybe? I'm tickled.
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So. There was a convention in Burbank this weekend. And the Js were there, of course. As was Felicia Day. (I still am surprised when I see that I have my own day.)

And I'm seeing a lot of things that say how cute Jensen and Felicia are together.

And I know it will never be me. I don't believe I'll ever be so fortunate as to meet the man, let alone work with him.

But still. It's kind of fun to see "Jensen and Felicia are so adorable together."

(Even if she does pronounce it differently than I do.)

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- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've watched 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize and bold a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full series/season on tape or DVD.
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

Note from Felicia: This is by no means a complete and comprehensive list (it's just for fun, right?). I've included both my and Geo's DVD collection, and a lot of these things, while I might not have watched them, I'm fairly sure that they are in our collection somewhere--especially the classic TV stuff (like I Love Lucy). Seriously, if you ever come to our house, you'll see that our TV and movie collection rivals the local library. That's what happens when you marry a film archivist.

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Nothing earth shattering here. Just a post because I haven't used my autumn icon yet this season.

Oh, and just so this isn't totally pointless: Kitten update.

Last May, Geo and I acquired two calico kittens. They are Pippa Picassa (because her face has a pattern that reminds me of a Picasso painting) and Chloe Calypso.

Last week, we acquired a black kitty, who came to us as Tabitha. I wanted something a little more Halloween-y, and yesterday, it hit me--Trixie (as in trick-or-treat). So she is now Tabitha Trixie.

It's pumpkin baking season, btw.

And Geo is thrilled to be back at work after the federal shut-down.

My work has been DRAMA for the past several months (and not in a good way), but after some recent personnel changes, it seems things are settling down. I just need a freakin' break. I've worked every event but one since we opened in May.

Okay, that's all.
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Or into the Impala. Whichever.

Hunting Trip t-shirt

Not my favorite design of an SPN t-shirt I've ever seen, but it's on ThinkGeek, which pleasantly surprises me.
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Okay, so.

I noticed that Charlie and her mom and the baddie in last night's ep all have red hair. Coincidence? Sure, whatever.

But you know what else I noticed? That Charlie and Anna, with their long red hair, and their sort of demeanor and quirkiness, could be related. Cousins, maybe.* Huh.

But you know what else? Charlie's mom's last name was Milton. Which makes Charlie, Charlie Milton (if, in fact, Charlie is her real first name).

So you know what else? Anna's last name was Milton.

Which begs the question: Coincidence? Or is Charlie's family related to Anna's family?

Or is Dean simply a magnet for quirky, innocent women with long red hair?

You decide . . .

*I'm referring, of course, to Anna pre-re-juicing, when she was still human. Not suggesting that Charlie is an angel or anything. Just the human similarities.

Correction: It's not Milton. It's Middleton. Never mind.
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[livejournal.com profile] scionofgrace, I thought you might be interested in this.

Geo really likes using fountain pens. Me, not so much. I don't have an even enough pressure to keep it from glooping and blotching. But today he brought home a Pilot Plumix Classic fountain pen. It writes really easily and has almost a calligraphy look to it. It's actually kind of fun.

Happy December, everyone. If you plan on reading my year in review, be sure to buckle your seatbelt. It's been a weird, weird year.
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A random scene just popped into my head:

John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rufus Turner, and Frank Devereaux playing poker at the Roadhouse.

And . . . . go.
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I was reading a conversation, wherein someone was probably harshing on Sam for telling Dean, "All your friends are dead." To which this person said, but Dean has Benny!

And I'm like, "And the point still stands."



Yes, I know, it was a little tacky, but still.
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Todd Stashwick is too busy guesting on my other shows to guest on SPN as the 'shifter in Purgatory.

Tonight he played a scarily demented druglord on "Revolution" (which, tonight's ep was pretty good, in that it kept my attention with the main storyline. I still haven't decided how I feel about the weekly flashbacks revealing a different character, though. It seems very . . . "Lost." And I only saw one ep of that show).

So we have Stashwick playing a homicidal shapeshifter on SPN, a thieving, homicidal conspirator on H50, and a scary homicidal druglord on Revolution. I'm sensing a pattern. Though his character on SPN had a comedically fun aspect, which was definitely missing from these other roles. Did I mention he was pretty darn scary tonight? (It's also odd to see him in color.)
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So. There was an SPN convention in Dallas this past weekend. Vids are becoming available. I'm at work right now, with people in the office, so I can't go looking for clips that amuse me to share, but if I get the chance, I will. (Jensen played lacrosse in high school. He wasn't very good, but he liked running into people.)

I've had it pointed out to me that SPN's new season starts in 9 days. NINE DAYS! Which is both woo-hoo, and yikes I better get moving on reviewing my new DVDs. (BTW, Jensen on blu ray on an HD TV screen . . . it almost makes my eyes water, such a gorgeous sight.)

It's been a weird, weird past couple of months. Daddy's passing (I miss, you, Daddy). Twenty-five year high school reunion. George turning 50. Good friends who build patios. New adoption case worker, and the fear that Geo and I are too old to ever be selected. New nephew on the way.

I'm so ready for this beautiful autumn weather. And I'm so ready for seeing Jensen on my TV screen again.

And per the con vids, Jensen is as charming, funny, intelligent, and gorgeous as ever. I've missed you, guy.

Also, yesterday while Geo was being an author escort at the National Book Festival, I took my Supernatural tunes outside and washed my car. I think Dean would approve.
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"Crowley is essentially what happens when people aren't paying attention." ~Mark A. Sheppard
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Izhi and I finally got to chat for real last night, after 7 months of not really touching base. We reviewed what we liked about S6 and S7, and some of what we thought was wobbly. I miss ya, Izh.

Between the fan-posted con vids of the SDCC panel and the WB-posted panel, which was taken from the panel's direct feed, I've now seen the entire panel.

And I'm really kind of excited. (Though again, I went wandering through the interwebs ans was spoiled for something I didn't want to know, and now I'm creating in my mind a scenario that is both exciting me and freaking me out. Oh, to return to the days of S3/S4 hiatus, where I didn't know anything going into S4 and was completely bowled over by Castiel's appearance. Also, the fic that summer was incredible.)

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Just FYI

Jul. 7th, 2012 10:06 pm
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Jensen Ackles looks amazing in HD.

Just sayin'.

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