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So that baby blanket I entered in a county fair in July? I got a blue ribbon! )
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I've got a recipe I want to try, and the marinade calls for tequila. And lime. Probably trying to approximate a margarita marinade or something, yeah?

The problem being, I'm not real keen on tequila. But I LOVE lime, so I don't want to get rid of that. Is there something comparable that I could try to substitute for the tequila? Would rum work? Or beer, even? Or should I just give it a go with tequila?
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Does anyone remember a S3/S4 hiatus fic wherein Dean could hear Sam playing the piano while he was in Hell, that that's what he held on to? I can't find it.


Feb. 24th, 2012 11:31 am
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For those of my f-list and wider reading public who might be into "all-natural" or "organic" make-up products:

Can you point me in the direction of a good but relatively inexpensive lipstick/stain/color that is petroleum-free? It might also be certain dyes drying out my lips, but it seems the common denominator I've been able to identify is petroleum.

Most recently, cocoa butter has been the most moisturizing and healing, but when I tried Palmer's lip balm, (which I really rather like, alas. Same way I really liked Burt's Bees) it gave me the same troubles as lipstick, and the primary ingredient is petroleum jelly.

I've found a couple of products on-line that look promising, but I was wondering if anyone has specific recommendations for which they could offer testimonies. :-)

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Once upon a time, SPN had an episode set at Christmas time. The end of the episode was poignant and heartfelt and bittersweet and all that.

The final shot was a shot looking into the boys' motel room as they sat watching the football game, with the Impala right outside the door. Snow might have been falling, or maybe not.

There is an icon floating around somewhere, a gif, of that shot, with snow and the added touch of twinkle lights.

I'd very much like to snag that icon (with proper credit given), but I haven't seen it yet this season. (I should have snagged it when I first saw it. Maybe I did. Maybe it's on my laptop. Which is still in the shop.)

Anyone know the icon I mean? Care to point me in the right direction?
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What is a reasonable day rate/hourly rate for someone who has little or no camera talent experience?
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A culinary question for the f-list (and any random passers-by).

So. I've moved south of the Mason-Dixon line. And in doing so, I've discovered that a very popular dish in these here parts is banana pudding. (Actually, it's a trifle, not a pudding.)

We never had this in Ohio, though it is on any given box of Nabisco 'Nilla Wafers.

Well, we're going to a potluck this week, and Geo has expressed a desire for trifle. (I love trifle. I don't know why it's been years since I made one. I used to do them frequently. One of my favorite wedding gifts, from one of my favorite of Geo's at-the-time-bachelor friends, was a trifle bowl. He said he had no idea what a trifle bowl is, but it was on my registry. I told him I was thrilled with it and thanked him profusely. Now, where was I? . . . )

Well, last year, Southern Living published a recipe that I've been very interested to try: Nutter Butter-Banana Pudding Trifle.

Now, knowing that banana pudding is a very Southern dessert/comfort food, but also knowing that we don't make it in the North (and I'm not overly fond of banana creme pie), I decided to try to find out why it's a "Southern thing."

Here's what I found. (I find the history of food fascinating.)

So I guess my question is this: Are you from the South, and if so, where, and is banana pudding popular where you are, and do you like it? (Okay, that's, like, four questions, but I think you get the idea.)

(Also, I'm feeling the need for a new "Nomnomnom" icon. Anyone interested in creating one?
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So. Geo and I are reading a hilarious story as part of a presentation at the end of the month. And the roles I'm going to read are native Texans. The problem being that my Southern accent is kind of generic and mostly based on my Virginia aunt, who has more of a lilt than a twang. One of the characters I'm reading will have the lilt, but I want the other to have the twang.

So my question is this: Are there any websites that I can go to to actually listen to Texas dialects? I've found lots of websites that talk about the dialects, but none that have recordings to listen to. I'd kind of like to hear the real thing, rather than just kind of wing it.

You know?
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There are a couple of lines that I couldn't quite catch last night

Can anyone help? )
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All right, my resourceful f-list. I've run across (part of) a SPN still, and I'm really curious as to where I can find the original/full piccie. And context, too, would be cool.

Go to this link.
Scroll down to "Short-Sleeved Tees." The first one (upper left of the section), where Sam, Jess, and Louis seem to be heading to the Halloween party.

Also, when your finished research, check out the link to the Dean Winchester Clothing Catalogue as well.


Sep. 27th, 2010 01:06 pm
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So . . .

In my old fandom, writers would have been all over the missing scene where Sam went to the neighbors' house to collect Dean after the uber!poisoning. (For those familiar with TS fandom, I'm speaking of the myriad of missing scenes written for "Cypher," wherein Jim gets Blair out of the dentist chair.) Now, in said previous fandom, TS, I understand why the scene was ultimately deleted from the script: because it would not have added any forward movement to the story. And why fans write many multiples of the missing scene: they want the h/c fix.

However, in "Exile on Main St.," if we'd gotten to see how Sam reacts to such things now in comparison to how he reacted to finding Dean in the puddle in the basement in "Faith," or finding Dean in the djinn's lair in WIaWSNB, that could have given us some very interesting insight into this new and perplexing Sam.

So my question is, has anyone written this scene? I'd almost consider doing it myself, but I'd feel very out of my element, since I don't yet have enough information to grasp this new Sam. I'm not looking for a "fix their relationship NOW" type scene, or a deep, probing character analysis. I'm just looking for that little extra tidbit of h/c connection that we didn't get in the actual ep.

Anyone know of anything floating around like that?
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It's driving me a little nuts.

I'm into S3 of SPN now, and during the opening "Then"s, Dean says, "Dad's gone now, and we have to carry out his legacy. That means killing as many evil sons of bitches as we can."

For the life of me, I can't place that quote. What ep is it from, or is it a VO that they had Jensen record for the purposes of the "Then"s?



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Any word yet on who's attending the SPN panel? Rumor has it that Under the Red Hood is getting shown at the con (no surprise there) and that the panel will include voice actors. Its been suggested that Jensen will be there for both SPN and UtRH.

Anyone heard any scuttlebutt?
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Is "Hookman" the first time we hear about specifically salting and burning a body to get rid of a ghost?
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Okay, so Musey is telling me she wants to write something. And she's kinda giving me an idea (which I'm not completely on board with; I don't trust her execution), but I always get caught up in the details.

I can't decide how to describe where this little ditty takes place. Is there anywhere in the US where HEAVY snow is unusual but not unheard of? The area needs to be sparsely populated (like, you can drive onwards of an hour and not see anyone, which means it can't be Ohio *g*), and spotty cell service is a plus but not necessary.

I'd originally thought Midwest, but then I started thinking of some of the rural routes (which I think were old moonshine routes) through West Virginia. Mountains get snow, but the switchbacks could be fun to play with. Then I got to thinking about the western landscape and wondering if anything out there would fit.

Any suggestions?


Nov. 20th, 2009 05:18 pm
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I'm looking for the site that has the most recent (?) promo pics for J & J. It's the photo shoot that had a pic of them synchronizing their watches. I think it might have been a collection done for a magazine? You know the photo shoot I mean? Point me in the right direction?

In other news, the pie crust was easier than I remember it being. We'll find out how it turned out this evening.
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Question for the YouTubeans among us. It seems that YouTube has misplaced or started hiding the option of watching vids in hi-def/higher res. I'm finding clips that say they have a hi-res version, but I'm not finding where to choose that, and clips I used to be able to switch over to hi-res, I'm not getting that option anymore.

*iz confoosed and disappointed*

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Does anyone know what's up with SPNwiki? I've been unable to access it for several days. Has it moved or something?


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