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(Or, Jensen and His Girls)

When I was little, I had a set of Mattel dolls called The Sunshine Family. I had great fun playing with Stephanie, Steve, and Sweets. I had their camper/farmer's market/craft fair booth and their tandem bicycle surrey, and I believe I had their house as well.

Here's today's sunshine family, which Sunshine Dad took and Sunshine Mom shared:

The Sunshine Family, 2013 )
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From Danneel Ackles' twitter:

Jensen, his cake, and his Kelly(wardrobe girl at Supernatural and baker extraordinaire!)

Jensen's 35th

Danneel also says, regarding donations to the Baby Ackles charity designation:

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.Jensen said its the best birthday gift he could have received.
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Li'l T. (Who will maybe not be so little when all is said and done.) He's got his dad's exquisite eyes.


Jan. 10th, 2012 10:35 am
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This is why I want to see Jensen in a film noir period piece.

Picture behind the cut to save f-list from photographic spoilers and keyboard damage due to drooling and/or fainting.

Click at your own risk )
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Is it a late Christmas gift? An early birthday present? Does it really matter?

Promo spoilers )

*no words*

Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:21 pm
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This weekend was the Chicago Con. (It used to always be on or near my anniversary, but they've moved it to October these past couple of times. It's sad that I know that. :-P )

A picture is worth 1,000 words--most of them unpronounceable. )
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Seriously. Click at your own risk. )
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Back in June, I made this post asking f-listies to give me the background of the promo shot. Assuming that we knew nothing about SPN, or who these actors are, or anything about anything but the picture, what kind of TV show do you think it would be a promo pic for?

Well, here's another awesome promo pic that needs a story. )
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I've been meaning to post this for you, Cheese Elf. You might have already seen it before. I forget where I got it from, but it made me think of you.

Cake behind the cut )

S6 photo

Aug. 11th, 2010 07:48 am
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I don't really consider this spoilery, because we've seen Dean in a suit before, we've seen Dean on the phone before, and we've seen Dean getting out of the Impala before. (But have we seen all three at the same time????)


I'm not gonna last. Seriously, why do they have to wait until the second half of September to start the new season? September 24? Seriously? I've run across photos that, while not plotty-type spoilery, are definitely detail spoilery, and I DON'T WANNA KNOW!!!

Maybe I should just swear off the computer for the next six and a half weeks.

Yeah, right.

ETA: Oh! That's right! There's a convention in Vancouver coming up. So. No giving up the laptop. Will make hospital/Critical Care Unit arrangements for my inner spoiler!phobe. I don't think she's makin' it out of this one alive.

Handsome dude behind the cut )
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If you didn't know who these characters were, what story would you give these people? )
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I know nothing about golf, but the golfer seems to know what he's doing. Is 81 good?

This right here is why I'd like to spend a day on a professional TV (or movie) set. Just to see how things are done in "the real world." (Long story.)

In other news, I have a long skit/short play I need to learn in about two weeks. Once again, my shaky confidence will be looking at Jensen (or thinking back to The Threepenny Opera) and going "This is how it's supposed to be done." More on that in a separate post.
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I finished up another couple of projects while Geo was gone this weekend.

Crochet behind the cut )


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