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Well, it looks like I'm going to have to stop in at Starbucks soon.

Ohio used to have a booming pottery business, the most widely known stamp probably being Fiesta (as in the multicolored Fiestaware). Hull pottery was also very popular, as was the similar-looking McCoy pottery. And of course Roseville pottery. All from Ohio.

Next time you go pottery shopping check the stamp on the bottom.
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Got back last night from a trip to Ohio to celebrate the parents' 75th birthdays. The travel was loooooonnnnnnnger than usual, thanks to road construction in both directions. Blech. Got to see Li'l Bro and SiL and Baby Bump. Shopping with Cousin J and Mom, trip to Greenville with the fan.

Today I spend baking for a dessert party fundraiser tomorrow. Friends have graciously opened their home for a dessert tasting party where donations for our adoption fund will be gratefully accepted. My baking includes:

Pineapple pretzel salad
Angel lush trifle (angel food cake and pineapple)
Homemade "bing bongs."
Ice cream cone cupcakes
Texas sheet cake (maybe)

George will make homemade ice cream.

Hostess is baking pies.

Work Friend A is baking cookies.

Work Friend C is bringing hummingbird cake.

Wife of George's Writer Colleague is bringing Thai food.

Open house style, but not a lot of affirmative responses from our invitations. I hope people are planning on coming and just haven't responded.


Feb. 29th, 2012 01:17 pm
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For those who think that stands for "Political Action Committee," it does not. It's Performing Arts Center, thankyouverymuch.

My old job in Ohio is hiring. I felt a little twinge when it showed up in my e-mail box. Would that I could apply, but I've got other prospects at the theater here.
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Usually, I would be posting about the highlights of the previous year right now. But I'm so far behind, I need to journal my Christmas first.

Christmas in Ohio )
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Sometimes I think I should have been a pop cult major. My alma mater has one of the biggest, best Pop Cult departments in the country.

In searching for something totally unrelated, I found the following. I have not read it (and probably won't, because academic deconstruction of my TV shows tends to make my brain hurt . . . which is the other side of the coin of why it's probably good I didn't major in pop cult). Anyway, how cool is this?

An MA thesis submitted to BGSU. If I had been a Pop Cult major, I'm sure I would have written something similar. Oh, who am I kidding. I probably did write similar stuff in my pop cult classes.
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Geo and I are back in Ohio this weekend. He's recording eps of his radio show, and yesterday, they did one for a "live studio audience" at a Dayton theater.

Also, stopped by the PAC on Friday and touched base with a few people.

Also had an interesting conversation with Geo's radio show partner. I might write about that later.

As I wrote on Friday, Mother and I watched Show together. I'll try to get my long & rambly sometime this week. There will much, MUCH to cover. (Jensen, just rip my heart out, why don't you. Guh!)

So that's an update from here.


Apr. 1st, 2011 01:00 pm
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The Nutter Butter Banana Pudding Trifle was a great success last night. The nine-year-old told me it was a good one and to put it "in the box" I think is what he said. (Recipe box? Maybe?) I told him I'd put a star beside it. (I put foil stick-um stars by favorite recipes in my cookbooks.)

Plus, it looked really good. I'd forgotten the elegant simplicity of presentation with trifle.

Geo and I are going to another film festival, this one in Cleveland. Since it's Ohio, much of the fam will be joining us.

I'm also back on my meds that make me drowsy. Zzzzzzzzzz . . .
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So. If you've been following this LJ since the beginning of the year, you know that I've been very shaken up by the death of a schoolmate, Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper.

Well, yesterday, my high school was put on lockdown for 3 hours because of gunshots fired in the neighborhood.

Shots fired near local school.

Now, you gotta understand that I grew up in a rural area, and though the population and housing development on my old street have grown, it's still county and fairly rural. My parents can see the elementary school from their backyard, and the elementary, middle, and high schools are all on the same piece of land.

Thankfully, the shots were not fired at the school. And to my knowledge, discharge of firearms is not illegal in the neighborhood (my dad used to take targets out to the backyard and go plinking. He also used to set off a model canon every 4th of July). However, the guy who was arrested was arrested for inciting panic and drug possession. (Um, that's for inciting panic. And for drug possession. Not inciting drug possession.)

Too bad he couldn't be arrested for dangerous stupidity with a firearm as well.

Oh, also? The trailer of the guy who shot Suzanne was torched this morning. I expect investigators will discover that it was not an accident.
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[livejournal.com profile] sarcasticval asked, in regard to my earlier post, what a last call is, as it relates to an LEO's or first responder's funeral. I tried to explain, then told her that there are a lot of examples on YouTube.

As it turns out, Suzanne's is there, too.

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Well, it actually started to feel like January today. There is a thin layer of snow on the ground, and we put the Christmas decorations away yesterday.

I've been watching videos and reading articles about Suzanne's funeral. I miss being home in Ohio so very much. And I'm so proud of my home church for being the hands and feet and serving and comforting the community and the family and all the way they have.

It was pretty impressive. )

In an effort to start looking up, I think I might try to post on a regular basis little things that make me happy or make my life easier. Things I'm thankful for. Accentuate the positive and all of that.

And we're planning on going to see Tangled today, so that should be fun, right?
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Suzanne left a New Year's message for her parents before responding to the call.

Also, funeral and procession arrangements have been released.

I wish I were home right now.

Hopefully I'll have more up-beat news in the next day or so. Attended an interesting meeting last night that hopefully will give me the opportunity to be in a full-scale theater production again.

Hope everyone else's 2011 is off to a good start.
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I'm sorry to be filling up your f-page with this, f-listies. I understand if you're not interested.

I just wish I could be at home to pay my respects.

I think maybe my home church is holding the viewing and funeral services because it's a large venue, and there are going to be a LOT of people there putting Suzanne to rest.

From the Columbus Dispatch

From one of the local TV news outlets: her D.A.R.E. students are remembering her, too.

And from the local paper

Today's searches are also turning up the story on foreign language sites--Norwegian, Romanian, German . . .
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Turns out the guy had no business being among the general populace. He had a history of shooting at neighbors and deputies, and was actually insane.

Latest from the hometown paper.

My mom told me that the high school is flying the flag at half-mast. As it should be.

Funeral services are reportedly going to be held at my home church on Friday. I wish I could be there.
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1/1/11 looks like a pretty cool date when you write it out like that.

And mine wasn't too bad. Nothing spectacular, but spent well enough, until I heard this news )
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I pulled out my Gaelic Storm CDs and was listening to them in the car today. I really miss the Irish concerts back home.

On the upside, we're going to Fredricksburg this evening to check out an Irish pub. Here's hoping for a fantastic Irish coffee as part of the evening. (That's me--forever in search of the perfect Irish coffee.)

As a result, I will not be watching SPN live tonight. We'll record it, hopefully not be too wiped out to watch it tonight. Then of course, the download tomorrow.

Also, if I get nothing else done today, I still count it as productive. I refilled the air in my tires.

Also, also? An $80 pair of ankle boots for $33.90. Yes, JCPenney discounts are that awesome. They also have reasonably good taste in models.
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One of the hardest services to replace when moving, in my experience, is the hair stylist. It took four different stylists in three different salons before I found someone I really liked, who was in my price range. (It's still about twice what I paid in Ohio, but it's the going price for this area.) And the gal I ended up with, I ended up with by default.

I was with her for a while, really liked her, then . . .

She left. Went to work out of town, I think. No forwarding address.

So I went with another default person, who was not the default person I thought it was (whom I really liked, too).

So Wednesday, I tried a different salon. And I'm highly amused by the difference.

The previous salon had more of an "up-scale" "salon" atmosphere to it. The place I went Wednesday was a much homier "beauty shop." Owner-operated (the owner returned the message I left and was working the front area of the shop when I arrived), and rather, as George suggested, "Steel Magnolias."

The gal gave me a fairly awesome cut, and was even able to--by serendipity--bring out my natural red highlights.

And the kicker? I got a free cookbook for being a new client. It's one of those homemade cookbooks, like churches or schools or community groups do for fundraisers. It's a collection of recipes gathered from the (I assume) employees and clientele of the shop.

It's really interesting to see the differences and similarities between this book and the ones I have from back home. Lots of crab recipes, something definitely won't see in a mid-western cookbook.

Recipe rambling and the Joy of Pineapple )
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I've been thinking recently, that when I get my weight down, rewarding myself with a navel piercing. Haven't decided yet (I've got time, trust me), but Geo does not approve of the idea. He says they freak him out.

This is the first 4th of July I haven't had to work in the past couple of years, so we're in Ohio this weekend for the 4th of July/Independence Day activities. At my Bro's place right now, getting ready to head to the parents.

Girlyghoul? I know I still owe you an entry regarding the skit I did last week. I will do that this weekend. *thumbs up*


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