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Enter something in a county fair. I just got back a little while ago from entering one of my crochet baby blankets in the Orange County Fair. I'm not expecting a blue ribbon, certainly, but I would be tickled if I got an honorable mention or something. We'll find out on Thursday.

I've never entered anything in a fair before.
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In condolence for my father's passing, work sent me a really big basket filled with various houseplants. Today I've been looking into the care of each of them, and looking up the ones I don't know what they are. We have gone from having nothing but a Christmas cactus and a jade plant (given to us a few years back) to having those, plus one each of the following:

Aloe vera
Peace lily
African violet (my Grandma K used to keep these. She belonged to an African violet club, even)
English ivy
Prayer plant
Arrowhead vine
A palm of some sort. The closest I could find on-line was maybe a parlor palm. It's very cute.

Plus the mixed planter that has all the plants in the same pot. I haven't started looking those up yet.

It's been very interesting reading about some of these plants. The peace lily is very cool in that it's recognized by NASA as one of the top ten air cleaning plants. And it is resilient. I thought I killed it the other day, but it turns out it just needed watering. The prayer plant is called such because at night it curls together as if it's praying. (I need to check that out tonight.) I'm wondering if the English ivy can be put outside to grow around our newly repaired Narnia lamp (on which Geo is going to put a commemorative plate to Daddy). I think I want honeysuckle on that again, though. (Need to look up when is good to buy and plant honeysuckle.)

I'm hoping the African violet blooms well. The leaves seem to be doing well; I'm wondering when I can expect more blossoms.

I also wish I could show all of these to Daddy.

I'm also trying to get back to my exercise schedule, now that we have a blu ray player in the basement, and my S7 DVDs came. While I liked S7 okay, it's not something that needs my absolute and undivided attention, and it seems I have a real problem motivating myself to walk on the treadmill unless I'm watching something with Jensen in it. *shrug* I guess I'm a creature of habit.


Mar. 9th, 2012 10:38 pm
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Home from dance class.

I can't feel my arms.

Also, there was much laughter involved.
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I am currently transferring everything from my old iBook to my new MacBook. It is shiny and new. It is the latest model, so at least for today, I'm state of the art. :-) It will also be so very, very much faster, and I'll be able to burn DVDs in addition to CDs. And I'll have all sorts of memory space and it will be shiny and awesome.

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I had my first taste of moonshine today.

Belmont Distillery, a legal whiskey and moonshine producing distillery, is just up the road a piece from us, and today we finally got around to checking the place out. The owner is a hoot, quite a character, and he gives you the nickel tour (for free). They also just recently (or relatively recently) got licensed to sell their wares in their gift shop. Geo bought a bottle of the 100 proof (50% alcohol) moonshine, called Virginia Lightening. They also make Virginia whiskey, called Kopper Kettle.

He opened the bottle this afternoon, and I had a sip of his shot before he downed said shot. There's a reason it's used for "medicinal" purposes. It will knock. you. out. It warms the tummy, too. I imagine it would do well for treating wounds in a pinch. Probably good as an accelerant if need be. In short, it's potent, potent stuff.


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