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Lullaby/music box renditions of classic rock (Aerosmith, Journey, Elton John). I think Dean would approve.

(Once you get past the creepy factor.)
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First for the random. Geo and I were listening to Styx in the car the other day. Can someone please tell me why Blue Collar Man has not yet been used as a season-opening or mid-season "The Road So Far"? Long nights, impossible odds, indeed. Also, Boat on the Water, which would just break my brain with the implications for Dean and Sam if the river in question is the River Styx.

And considering that "Renegade" is still, in my book, one of the--if not THE--best uses of a music cue in the show . . . Seriously. More Styx, please.

Also, it's about time they used "China Grove" on the show. Every time I hear it on the radio, I wonder when they're going to use it on Show. So, we have that out of the way now.

Now, about that promotion:

From Misnamed Handmaiden to Battlefield Captain: The (LARPing) Rise of Dean Winchester )

And in completely unrelated news . . .  )
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I don't have a graphic to share, but my warmest wishes to my f-listies and lurkers for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and joyous and blessed 2013.

This season, one of the songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra has caught me.

Good King Joy )
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The office is a little noisier than usual right now, so I've not had the opportunity to listen to his properly yet. But I wanted to share the mellow richness of his wonderful voice.

I'm in a rather melancholy mood this morning, and I think Someone is trying to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure I saw an eagle this morning on the way to work. I should have S7 waiting for me when I get home--with the outtake goodies and gag reel to make me chuckle. And these lovely shots of Jensen in this vid.

Recently, I've kind of wished I learned how to play a portable instrument. I'm often frustrated with myself for giving up my piano for years and years, but I also wish I had aptitude on a portable instrument, like a guitar, or even a simple wind instrument, like a penny whistle.

Anyway, maybe if I get to work in the papers in front of me, the day will progress a little more quickly.
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Bear with me just a moment.

Sometimes, I think God talks to me via my car radio. No, not voices, just . . . encouragement. Particularly when I'm stressed or down, and I hear just the right SPN song on the rock station. Or, like today, I'm feeling a bit out of sorts and upset with myself, and I heard three SPN related songs ("Renegade," "Burning For You," and "Bad Company"), plus a new Lynard Skynard song that could have been written about young Dean. Just substitute Impala for bike, and I think it's pretty well covered. Keeping in mind that I often change stations because I get tired of the DJ's prattle, this seemed significant today.

Last of a Dying Breed )
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Happy St. Patty's Day to ye!

Tonight I'm working an Irish dance. Our band is The Toad Mamas, and the dance is "contra dancing," or community dancing--American, Irish, squares, and reels. It will be an experience.

And beforehand, Geo and I are going out for shepherd's pie (me) and corned beef and cabbage (him).

Hope you all are having a festive time.
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Give us shadows and give us gloom
Broken glass in a motel room
Something fun we can all exhume
And give it all tonight!

~from "When You're an Addams," The Addams Family: A New Musical

Hm . . . Now that I think about, this also describes a standard Winchester hunt. Heh.
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Sometimes I think God talks to me via the radio, even if it's just to make me smile.

I have three radio stations programmed into my car radio (we don't pick up a whole lot where I am) that I rotate between. It's somewhat uncanny the frequency with which I turn the radio on to a song that's been on SPN. Even on the automated mix station.

Today, flipping back and forth between commercials, I hit upon "The Weight." I'd never even heard of the song before Jensen's impromptu rendition last year. Now I've heard it on the radio twice in what seems like a very short time. Came in in the middle of it . . . right as it was going into the verse that Jensen says is his favorite.

It made me smile.

So did this:

These guys crack me up without even trying. Seriously, they should take their routine on the road.

Also? Olive oil is proof that God loves us and wants us to be healthy. (I made aglio e olio for dinner last night. Good grief but is it delicious. And stupid easy to throw together. With olive oil and garlic, both of which are very good for your health.)
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The sun is shining and the crocuses are starting to bloom. It's nippy, but I have the back door open onto the screened in porch. The fresh air is nice, and the kitties are enjoying it.

And they played "The Weight" on the radio on my way home. I've never heard the actual cut before.

All in all, not a bad day.
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Put up the tree tonight. We need one more strand of lights, so we can't finish until we get that, probably tomorrow after work. Listened to John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album while putting up the tree. I sang along to every single song on the album, and thought back to how many years I've listened to that album. A lot of years.

Last night, I put up the crèche last night while I listened to Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas music.

These two CDs have between them three of my favorite Christmas songs (though one isn't necessarily limited to the Christmas holiday). I've included links to YouTube vids so you can hear the songs. But don't watch the vids. Just listen to the music. (Okay, you can watch the first one, since it's actually from the Christmas special where I first heard "The Peace Carol.")

The Peace Carol )

When the River Meets the Sea )

I Pray On Christmas )

I wish I could see Christmas through the eyes of my child.
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*deep breath*

Okay, folks. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must do so, post-haste.

The Addams Family Musical

Go to the home page. Where it says "Letterman Appearance," click "See Video".

I can tell this is going on my list of favorite musicals. I want the CD like dancing. Gonna have to see which t-shirt I want to bring back. (Oh! And the coffee mug! Oh! And the umbrella! Oh! And the show program! Oh! And a magnet!)

And I'ma totally need an Addams Family icon. The question is, which would I want: Charles Addams artwork (in which case I also need to hunt down an Edward Gorey icon), the TV show, or the musical?

Have I ever mentioned that my first "real" fanfic was an Addams Family story?

That I went as Morticia for Halloween one year?

That I had the cartoon board game when I was a kid?

Yes, that's how much I love the Addamses.

I am so excited to be seeing this show. With this cast. Between that and the upcoming season of SPN (and being in the office alone with no one to share my excitement), I think I'm going to spontaneously combust.

*vibrates in seat*
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Yesterday was a good day.

The weather has cooled off, and it looks like we got some much-needed rain last night.

It was a lazy day when I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything.

Geo and I went shopping, and I got a new pant suit at JCPenney, on sale. I love JCP sales. They're awesome. This is the new outfit I'm planning on wearing for our anniversary* if I don't find anything I like better in the meantime.

We also went to Lowe's, and I bought two pieces of bathroom fixtures for the master bath. Eventually, that room will get done.

MY SPN SOUNDTRACK ARRIVED! *bounce, bounce* There's some good, good stuff on that. I like TV and movie soundtracks anyway, but this is great. It's got all my favorite original stuff--Dean's guitar riff, the hard-driving music that accompanied the break-in at the auction house in "Provenance," and the melodic, heart-hurty stuff that accompanies the heart-to-heart talks, that chronicles the brothers' emotional journey, their greatest hurts and their fondest memories. (Hey, question: Can someone confirm which passage of music is the one that usually accompanies Dean's family moments? I think I know where it is, but some music is used for so many noteworthy scenes that my brain can't focus on one.)

All in all, a very contented day.

*For our fifteenth anniversary, Geo and I are taking the train up to NYC to see The Addams Family Musical, starring Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. I'm very excited. First time to travel by train, first trip to NYC, let alone seeing a show on Broadway, and my love of the Addamses requires a separate entry.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] izhilzha for the heads-up:

Supernatural Original Music Seasons 1-5

IT'S GOT MY GUITAR RIFF!!!!! (track 5 in the samples).

Oh, September 7 is going to be a good day. S5 released on DVD, soundtrack released on DVD, and the bro's b-day. Woo hoo!
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Aside from all the things I usually enthuse about, here's another reason:

Red Stick Ramblers

This is one of the bands that played at a certain wedding reception in a certain Texas city a couple months back. I never would have heard of them if Geo hadn't told me that one of his co-workers attended said wedding as a friend of the above mentioned band.

Now I'm looking at their website and thinking, "Oh! We totally have to book these guys when the Theatre is up and running. That would be awesome!"

The point of my story is this: Because of my interest in one Jensen Ackles, I'm being introduced to musical performers that totally need to be scheduled into our theater season. My brain just works like that, I guess.
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Needing some icons or stills of Jensen playing/singing "The Weight" from the Rome convention. Any good links y'all can point me to?
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Geo is something of a Pat Benatar fan, and so we listened to a lot of Pat on the drive from Ohio back to Virginia. I'm of course familiar with a lot of her stuff, but some of her later stuff, I'd never heard before.

I'm pretty sure that if the question was posed to him, we'd find that Dean was a Pat Benatar fan, too.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post )
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Billy Joel's Greatest Hits.
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I had planned to post this last week, to work through some depression and all. Then [livejournal.com profile] girlyghoul70 sent me that hilarious piccie. And I had a very good weekend. So I'm feeling much better (though still very sleepy from my current meds).

But I want to share what's up, because now that we've had the season finale, which for all intents and purposes was the end of the five-year arc, it would seem I'm approaching the summer a bit differently.

Times They Are A'Changin' )


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