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It's official. Baby J. is an official, legally-approved-and-signed-off-on member of our family!
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So that baby blanket I entered in a county fair in July? I got a blue ribbon! )
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Last year, George started digging out a space for a patio. Motivation was hard, though, and we've had a hole in the yard for almost a year.

Then this past week, friends from our Life Group joined forces and helped him build the patio. It was almost done when he met me in WV to bring me home from a week in Ohio.

When we got home, he took me out back to show me the progress, and . . .

It was finished. Done. With a pot of mums and a b-day card for George.

We are going to christen the patio with George's 50th b-day this weekend. Woohoo!

(Now it just needs tiki lights and a fire pit. *nods*)

Me spinning with delight on the the new patio:


Now I can have pots of herbs on the patio, and a patio peach tree. Whee!
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Two cute things have happened to me recently.

Boy #1 )

Boy #2 )
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Had what sort of felt like it was approaching a proper Memorial Day, the first since the move to Virginia. We went to the commemorative ceremony at the national cemetery in town, and although there was no parade and no reading of "In Flanders Field" or the Gettysburg Address (which is on a plaque on one of the buildings at the cemetery), but the keynote speaker was very interesting, and one of the high school bands played. We walked around downtown before doing a wee bit of shopping and coming home.

We ate both breakfast (waffles) and dinner (steak on the grill) on our screen-in porch. The weather is lovely, and it was just a nice, relaxed day.

A good day

May. 12th, 2012 11:24 pm
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Gorgeous weather today. Went to the farmer's market, ate lunch at Bella Mia's, then went to Bonnie Reb Boot Shop to look at boots. I've been thinking about treating myself, and I wanted to see what they had. (No trying them on today, as I was wearing flip-flops, so no socks to try on with.) Ended up getting George a new belt and a new pair of boots for him. (He hasn't had a pair of cowboy boots since he was four years old.) He was quite pleased with the purchase. I got a necklace.
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George and I did some actual shopping in preparation for early days: car seat/carrier, baby bather, diapers, and Butt Paste. Yes, the same kind Dean had Sam put in the cart in "Two and a Half Men." No, not because of that. Because it was the product that I could read and recognize all of the ingredients on the list. I like recognizing such things.

It's weird to think that (whether temporarily or long term) we'll have a wee one in the house soon. George even told me I should get to bed because this is the last (or almost the last) Saturday I'll have to sleep through the night for a while.

Not that my stuffed up nose is going to let me sleep through the night. Oy. Well, we can hope it won't get that bad.
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I've just been given permission to share the news.

I'm going to be an auntie!

Well, I'm an auntie already, but this particular squeaker is from my side of the family. My baby bro and SiL are having a baby.


(Here's hoping we can return the favor soon.)
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Usually, I would be posting about the highlights of the previous year right now. But I'm so far behind, I need to journal my Christmas first.

Christmas in Ohio )
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That looks really cool, doesn't it? 11/11/11=16.

Today marks sixteen years of wedded bliss. Happy Anniversary to my sweet babboo.
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For maximum numliciousness, molasses cookies should be dunked in milk.

Nomnomnom . . .

Also, Geo's work is showing White Christmas tonight I should probably go get ready.

Tomorrow Geo and I are doing what I call a "literary montage" as the communion meditation. I recently figured something out about myself and my writing. But I'll get back to that later.

If anyone is still out there. You're still out there, right? Or are you all busy with Christmas preparations? 'Tis the season and all.

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. . . a Southern boy saying, "Thank you, ma'am."

. . . the smell of pumpkin pie baking in the kitchen.*

. . . new blue jeans that fit and look good.**

*Honest, I thought I was gonna cry when I pulled it out of the oven, it made me feel that contented.

**I finally found a pair of boot cut jeans that don't make my hips look like they need "Wide Load" stitched across the back pockets. I still prefer straight leg jeans, but these boot cut look pretty darn good.


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