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Here be an index of some things that my readers and general passers-by might be interested in. All my Still Life research and much of my writing, all in one place. Wow.

Project Still Life Recap )

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Fun with SPN Trivia

Numb3rs fic index

Crochet projects

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So. There was a convention in Burbank this weekend. And the Js were there, of course. As was Felicia Day. (I still am surprised when I see that I have my own day.)

And I'm seeing a lot of things that say how cute Jensen and Felicia are together.

And I know it will never be me. I don't believe I'll ever be so fortunate as to meet the man, let alone work with him.

But still. It's kind of fun to see "Jensen and Felicia are so adorable together."

(Even if she does pronounce it differently than I do.)

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(Or, Jensen and His Girls)

When I was little, I had a set of Mattel dolls called The Sunshine Family. I had great fun playing with Stephanie, Steve, and Sweets. I had their camper/farmer's market/craft fair booth and their tandem bicycle surrey, and I believe I had their house as well.

Here's today's sunshine family, which Sunshine Dad took and Sunshine Mom shared:

The Sunshine Family, 2013 )


Aug. 8th, 2013 08:54 pm
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This? Is a pretty awesome PSA. I'll let it speak for itself . . .

Last year, while Geo and I were traveling, we got caught in a very long traffic delay. Traffic was being re-routed and when we finally saw the wreck that caused the stoppage, it was horrible. It looked like an SUV had pretty much gone under a road crew truck. Looking the accident up on the internet a day or so later, it turns out that texting by the SUV's driver was a suspected cause.

ETA: An article about the accident we encountered.

Texting while driving: So not worth it.
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Breaking news from Danneel Ackles' twitter:

We are happy to announce the birth of our precious baby girl,
Justice Jay "JJ" Ackles. She was born happy and healthy on May 30th.

If I knew how, I'd link directly to the specific tweet.

Congratulations to the happy parents, and welcome to the world, little Justice!

May the three of you enjoy a life filled with joy, laughter, and love.
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I've had a very, very busy week. Maybe I'll get around to telling you about it. Been working almost non-stop for two weeks. So looking forward to the day off.

And while I've been house managing the newly opened theater, SPN boys have been doing conventions. Jus In Bello, in Rome, was last weekend. It's been a long time since I've shared the con vids that make me smile, hasn't it.

It's also been a long time since I've danced. And you know who else dances? Guess. )
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I noticed something in the most recent episode, something that I kind of love.

After Sam and Dean watch Kevin's e-mailed video, after Dean has knocked the books across the room in anger and grief, as he's leaving the library, he folds his hands on top of his head.

You know the only other time we've seen him do this? After Lucifer took possession of Sam and disappeared.

That hands-on-head is Dean's gesture of ultimate despair, when he's at his wits' end and he's failed--especially someone of great importance.

I love that Jensen added that little bit.
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I have decided, after watching some convention clips, that after SPN finishes its run, Jensen and Jared need to do a variety show.

Why do I say this? )
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Two months late, but we've got some very pretty Winter Wonderland snow going today. Won't be going anywhere, as the cars are snowed in, but that's okay.

So there's this thing . . .  )
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From Danneel Ackles' twitter:

Jensen, his cake, and his Kelly(wardrobe girl at Supernatural and baker extraordinaire!)

Jensen's 35th

Danneel also says, regarding donations to the Baby Ackles charity designation:

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.Jensen said its the best birthday gift he could have received.
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Well, traditionally, March is supposed to "come in like a lion, go out like a lamb." It wasn't particularly windy or rainy to day, but cold it was. So . . . lion, I guess?

Also, today is the 35th b-day of one Jensen Ackles. Happy Birthday, sir!

It amuses me to think that once upon a time, 35 was considered "middle aged," and was the age often cited on the Geritol commercials. (Geritol was, iirc, a vitamin supplement for aging folks.) Because looking at him? Jensen ain't no "middle aged" guy.

Also as I referred to earlier, Jensen and Danneel are expecting a little girl, and they've chosen a charity to donate to in her (unannounced) name. Follow the link, complete with a message from Jensen.

Hats Off For Cancer.

And finally, my sinuses can clear up any time now, thank you. *sniff*
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Per her Twitter, Danneel has announced that the coming Ackles is a girl. She also said that Jensen was hoping for a girl. They have a name picked out, but they ain't talkin'.

Yay, BabyGirlAckles! \o/

Jensen should be exponentially amusing at the upcoming convention, should this become a topic of conversation. And you know it will. Hee!

Don't mind me . . .  )
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It's been a long time since I've waxed poetical about Jensen Ackles, but the man is as delightful and amazing as ever. SPN won Favorite SciFi Show at the PCAs, and Jensen and Jared were there to accept the award. They were, of course, accompanied by their beautiful wives, and they all looked smashing.

Clicky the clicky )
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Per People Magazine website, Jensen and Danneel are expecting!

Baby on the way for Jensen Ackles
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So. There was an SPN convention in Dallas this past weekend. Vids are becoming available. I'm at work right now, with people in the office, so I can't go looking for clips that amuse me to share, but if I get the chance, I will. (Jensen played lacrosse in high school. He wasn't very good, but he liked running into people.)

I've had it pointed out to me that SPN's new season starts in 9 days. NINE DAYS! Which is both woo-hoo, and yikes I better get moving on reviewing my new DVDs. (BTW, Jensen on blu ray on an HD TV screen . . . it almost makes my eyes water, such a gorgeous sight.)

It's been a weird, weird past couple of months. Daddy's passing (I miss, you, Daddy). Twenty-five year high school reunion. George turning 50. Good friends who build patios. New adoption case worker, and the fear that Geo and I are too old to ever be selected. New nephew on the way.

I'm so ready for this beautiful autumn weather. And I'm so ready for seeing Jensen on my TV screen again.

And per the con vids, Jensen is as charming, funny, intelligent, and gorgeous as ever. I've missed you, guy.

Also, yesterday while Geo was being an author escort at the National Book Festival, I took my Supernatural tunes outside and washed my car. I think Dean would approve.
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The office is a little noisier than usual right now, so I've not had the opportunity to listen to his properly yet. But I wanted to share the mellow richness of his wonderful voice.

I'm in a rather melancholy mood this morning, and I think Someone is trying to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure I saw an eagle this morning on the way to work. I should have S7 waiting for me when I get home--with the outtake goodies and gag reel to make me chuckle. And these lovely shots of Jensen in this vid.

Recently, I've kind of wished I learned how to play a portable instrument. I'm often frustrated with myself for giving up my piano for years and years, but I also wish I had aptitude on a portable instrument, like a guitar, or even a simple wind instrument, like a penny whistle.

Anyway, maybe if I get to work in the papers in front of me, the day will progress a little more quickly.
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I know I haven't been around much. Since my dad's passing, I haven't felt really motivated to post much of anything. This weekend I've been busy with my 25-year high school reunion (had a great time! :-) ), which I might write about. But when I found these pictures, I knew I had a duty to make this post.

Warning: Blindingly sexy smile and well-fitting t-shirt at the other end of this link.

Note the henna tat. I'm wondering if it's about time for me to get another one. Izhi and I each got one several years ago when we went to Kings Island together. Mine didn't last very long, though.
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Specifically, go to the 8:23 mark...

I think I love Kim Rhodes. She's a Jensen fan. But then, we knew that, didn't we? From their soap opera days? (She's got an inner fangirl. Hee!)

Also, take the time to watch the panel. I just kind of stumbled upon mention of it, and found it, and these are really great people to watch.
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Okay, so maybe Danneel isn't as sun-cripsed as I originally thought. Just nicely tanned. I'm still amused by Jensen's flip-flops.

Still not sure about the pant's Danneel is wearing, though.

Lunching with the spouses.

Also, entirely too much awwwwwwww going on here. I see Jared is teaching Thomas to wear watch caps/beanies. Also also: Guest star spoiler-y warning-ish thing. (Though it shouldn't really come as any surprise to anyone who's paying attention to . . . well . . . everything.)

With the cute overload and all.

Also x3, Thomas saw wat u did thar and is side-eyeing you so hard.

Do I even really need to mention how great Jensen looks?

I didn't think so. ;-)
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I . . . 'm not sure what I'd do with a food truck festival, 'cause you'd have to sample everything, right?

But apparently Vancouver does indeed have a food truck festival, and apparently the Padalecki family attended said festival on a bright and sunny day. Perhaps this is unsurprising for Jared. :-)

Pics of the totes adorbs wee Thomas and his parents.

Also? This apparently is worthy of the UK entertainment news:

A family outing.

Thomas is quite stylin' in his shades. But the Scotch-Irish/German in me that burns to a cripsy critter most easily is fretting, "I hope Baby has sunscreen on!" and yelling "Get that child under some shade!"

But that's just me. I'm sure Mama G and Papa J are both quite aware.

Also, there are photos floating about of Jensen and Danneel together recently (lunch, maybe?). Jensen is wearing flip-flops. So those of you who have a thing for sexy feet, there ya go. Danneel is looking a bit sun-crispied herself.


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