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Geo and I are back in Ohio this weekend. He's recording eps of his radio show, and yesterday, they did one for a "live studio audience" at a Dayton theater.

Also, stopped by the PAC on Friday and touched base with a few people.

Also had an interesting conversation with Geo's radio show partner. I might write about that later.

As I wrote on Friday, Mother and I watched Show together. I'll try to get my long & rambly sometime this week. There will much, MUCH to cover. (Jensen, just rip my heart out, why don't you. Guh!)

So that's an update from here.

Sad news

Mar. 1st, 2011 06:34 pm
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Yeah, I'm being spammy today.

Today I got the urge to take a look at my theater resumé. I found my handwritten one, which is more complete than my job hunting resume, but it seemed to possibly have a gap or two. So I went looking on-line for our community theatres' previous seasons.

I found Springfield Civic Theatre's site. And I found Ohio Lyric Theatre's site. But OLT didn't look like it should; there was no logo, and no specific information. So I scrolled through other Google hits. And discovered this.

End of an era )
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So. If you've been following this LJ since the beginning of the year, you know that I've been very shaken up by the death of a schoolmate, Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper.

Well, yesterday, my high school was put on lockdown for 3 hours because of gunshots fired in the neighborhood.

Shots fired near local school.

Now, you gotta understand that I grew up in a rural area, and though the population and housing development on my old street have grown, it's still county and fairly rural. My parents can see the elementary school from their backyard, and the elementary, middle, and high schools are all on the same piece of land.

Thankfully, the shots were not fired at the school. And to my knowledge, discharge of firearms is not illegal in the neighborhood (my dad used to take targets out to the backyard and go plinking. He also used to set off a model canon every 4th of July). However, the guy who was arrested was arrested for inciting panic and drug possession. (Um, that's for inciting panic. And for drug possession. Not inciting drug possession.)

Too bad he couldn't be arrested for dangerous stupidity with a firearm as well.

Oh, also? The trailer of the guy who shot Suzanne was torched this morning. I expect investigators will discover that it was not an accident.
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[livejournal.com profile] sarcasticval asked, in regard to my earlier post, what a last call is, as it relates to an LEO's or first responder's funeral. I tried to explain, then told her that there are a lot of examples on YouTube.

As it turns out, Suzanne's is there, too.

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Well, it actually started to feel like January today. There is a thin layer of snow on the ground, and we put the Christmas decorations away yesterday.

I've been watching videos and reading articles about Suzanne's funeral. I miss being home in Ohio so very much. And I'm so proud of my home church for being the hands and feet and serving and comforting the community and the family and all the way they have.

It was pretty impressive. )

In an effort to start looking up, I think I might try to post on a regular basis little things that make me happy or make my life easier. Things I'm thankful for. Accentuate the positive and all of that.

And we're planning on going to see Tangled today, so that should be fun, right?
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Suzanne left a New Year's message for her parents before responding to the call.

Also, funeral and procession arrangements have been released.

I wish I were home right now.

Hopefully I'll have more up-beat news in the next day or so. Attended an interesting meeting last night that hopefully will give me the opportunity to be in a full-scale theater production again.

Hope everyone else's 2011 is off to a good start.
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I'm sorry to be filling up your f-page with this, f-listies. I understand if you're not interested.

I just wish I could be at home to pay my respects.

I think maybe my home church is holding the viewing and funeral services because it's a large venue, and there are going to be a LOT of people there putting Suzanne to rest.

From the Columbus Dispatch

From one of the local TV news outlets: her D.A.R.E. students are remembering her, too.

And from the local paper

Today's searches are also turning up the story on foreign language sites--Norwegian, Romanian, German . . .
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Turns out the guy had no business being among the general populace. He had a history of shooting at neighbors and deputies, and was actually insane.

Latest from the hometown paper.

My mom told me that the high school is flying the flag at half-mast. As it should be.

Funeral services are reportedly going to be held at my home church on Friday. I wish I could be there.
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1/1/11 looks like a pretty cool date when you write it out like that.

And mine wasn't too bad. Nothing spectacular, but spent well enough, until I heard this news )
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Geo and I went back to Ohio for Christmas. It was really strange, and kind of didn't really feel like Christmas. This is the first Christmas we've spent somewhere other than in our own house.

We left Thursday. Travel was reasonably smooth, though there was snowy travel in the mountains in Maryland. No surprise there.

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

December 26 )

Then came back Monday.

A warm thank you to [livejournal.com profile] smalltwndreamer and [livejournal.com profile] luvwinchesters for the v-gifts. They came at a much-needed time. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] just_ruth for the card. It arrived yesterday. And I've already thanked Izhi for enabling my habit the mags. :-)

And that, in a nutshell, was my Christmas weekend.
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Oh, my word, you guys. I just made the most amazing soup for dinner tonight. You know how last week I mentioned having pumpkin soup and how finding a comparable recipe was my new culinary quest? You guys. Here's what I found.

Well, first of all, I found pumpkinsoup.org. Everything you wanted to know about pumpkin soup but didn't know to ask. Lots of interesting recipes there of varying levels of complexity.

But that's not where I got tonight's dinner from.

No, one of my newest go-to sites for recipes (I also subscribe to the hard copy magazine) is the Southern Living website. Being from Ohio, I also try to find things on the Midwest Living website, but nine times out of ten, I like the Southern Living recipes better. (If I want Midwestern recipes, I usually head to the church/fundraiser cookbooks from back home.) The trick is to watch your fat ingredients, because if there's one thing Southerners like to cook with, it's fat.

But I digress.

Tonight's dinner was originally printed in the October 1997 issue of Southern Living.

Pumpkin-Corn Chowder

I used 1 cup of half-and-half and 1 cup of 1% milk in place of the 2 cups of half-and-half. And you could use vegetable bouillon cubes or other vegetarian bouillon for a vegetarian variation.

A mild, creamy soup to warm your tummy on a cold winter evening. And delightfully easy, because if you are what you eat, then I'm fast, cheap, and easy.

Also of note: Today I started burning my favorite Christmas fragrance candle. Yankee Candle's Sugared Plum (which they have since repackaged under a different name and color). I've used this fragrance for years, for as far back in our marriage as either Geo or I can remember. It's a warm, comforting fragrance that makes me content and nostalgic at the same time. It smells like Christmas at home.
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These are of the view over our back fence. I particularly like the way the colors came out in this one. (These pics I've been posting are not retouched in any way. Just cropped when need be.)

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I pulled out my Gaelic Storm CDs and was listening to them in the car today. I really miss the Irish concerts back home.

On the upside, we're going to Fredricksburg this evening to check out an Irish pub. Here's hoping for a fantastic Irish coffee as part of the evening. (That's me--forever in search of the perfect Irish coffee.)

As a result, I will not be watching SPN live tonight. We'll record it, hopefully not be too wiped out to watch it tonight. Then of course, the download tomorrow.

Also, if I get nothing else done today, I still count it as productive. I refilled the air in my tires.

Also, also? An $80 pair of ankle boots for $33.90. Yes, JCPenney discounts are that awesome. They also have reasonably good taste in models.
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So apparently the new programming catalogue at my old stomping grounds, the PAC, is sporting on its cover a picture of me in my role as Mrs. Peachum in The Threepenny Opera. I assume this is the same production still that is gracing the wall of the theatre department. ETA: No! It's not! I don't know if I've ever seen the pic before. I'll have to see if I can get a copy of the program. /ETA

I'm amused that that is apparently how I'm remembered at the PAC--as an angry, drunken, manipulative (yet comedic) shrew.

I should post some of my theatrical pics.
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My weekend in Ohio )

Upcoming thespian endeavor )

Okay, so, enough babbling from me for now? Yeah, probably. It's overcast and rainy out, and the office is, as usual, very quiet. I'm still in limbo with my medical stuff, but I'm going to try to get to zumba class tonight, if I can get the grocery shopping done.
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Just got in from seeing the student production at the PAC. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. It was hilarious.

And it was so great to see my PAC peeps again. I stopped by the theater yesterday and had nice chats with several of them. And I was delighted that I at least got to cross paths with Tech Guy "Mack." Had a really nice chat with Threepenny Director. And my box office friend, and my old boss.

And Floor Manager Miss C. (who is always enthusiastic to see me) was there.

And one of the Physical Plant gals. (Always be nice to your PP staff. They do stuff that no one else will.)

I miss everyone so much!
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If there's ever any question as to where I get my fannishness . . .

look no further )


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