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Yesterday at the grocery checkout, the cashier asked started to ask, "Paper or . . . " until she saw our reusable bags. "Were you going to ask us, 'Paper or plastic?'" I said. "I haven't heard that in eons!" And yes, indeed, there were the paper bags at the end of the line. I'm thrilled! Could it be that the tide is changing and that the grocery bag gods are starting to realize that paper is actually, you know, biodegradable? Less likely to entangle and choke wildlife if it escapes in the wind? Better for the planet, maybe? I'm tickled.
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Spoilerphobes: Nothing to see here. Move along.

Spoilerhos: You probably already know this, but . . .  )
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The first casting spoiler has been released, and I apparently stumbled upon it. I saw a name and part of a headline. And it was enough to make my eye twitch and say, "Drat! I didn't want to know that. Not this early. They haven't even started shooting yet."

I wasn't even looking for spoilers (you know me). I was looking for confirmation as to who from SPN would be attending Comic Con. (Apparently, J & J are not currently on the panel roster.)

So. Just a heads-up. Spoilers are starting to leak. Make sure you've got your waders.
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Unless you are A) helping pay my mortgage, or B) invited into my home, you are not welcome in said home.

This includes but is not limited to the Giant Evil Crickets from Outer Space, the snakes--particularly you copperheads--and the mice, of which some of you have already fallen to the awesome prowess of the Great Calico Huntress *points to icon*. I do not want you in my basement. I most certainly do not want you in my living space. And I certainly don't care if the extremely wet and rainy spring we've had is forcing you to seek drier shelter. You are not welcome!

If you choose to invade my home--for which you are not paying the mortgage, I might add--you will be dispatched with all possible haste. Oh, I might not be the one doing the actual dispatching, but your days will be numbered. This I promise you. *shakes fist*

Exterminatingly yours,
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. . . you know? I really want to come up with a witty subject heading, but there's so much crack involved here that I just couldn't do it justice.

Several weeks ago, there was a big bruhaha on Twitter about someone posing as Jensen. Common sense prevailed, the poseur was outed (though I think she's up to the same tricks elsewhere), and life goes on.

Then I discover that Misha Collins tweets. Well, now, wait. How do we know it's Misha? I'm thinking the pure amount of bizarre, avant-garde crack is proof enough. (If you've seen any of his con clips or interviews with the Boys, you know what I mean.)

Also, per SPNWiki, the CW has confirmed that it's him.

Go. Read. Be amuse. Become a minion if you so desire. I have not become a minion, as I'd still kinda like to have minions of my own someday. Bwahahahaha!

Be sure to read his early posts. They're hilarious.

ETA: It appears that Jim Beaver also tweets. Which doesn't surprise me at all, since he's also got Facebook and MySpace.


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