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Hello all who might still be reading this LJ. :-)

A very merry Christmas, happy holiday, and happy New Year to you. I haven't been too prolific of late, but I do stop by and check my f-page on a fairly regular basis.

Baby J had a wonderful first Christmas! His morning was so great that Christmassed himself out and crashed mid-morning. He's an adorable little guy--and he knows it! Hard to believe his first birthday is coming up in just over two weeks!

Geo is doing well and loving his new role as daddy. He also got to present a project he worked on, restoring the silent film Ramona, at MoMA in November.

My work/income situation has become somewhat uncertain; the theater is going dark in January, and I as part time hourly (since Baby J came home) will not be getting any hours probably until March at the earliest (January dark, February programming light). In the hopes of bringing in a little extra spending money, I'm placing some of my crochet items up for sale. I currently have several baby blankets, a "popcorn and cranberry" garland, and a pink ruffle scarf available. If anyone is interested in anything, would like more information, or would like to make a request, please let me know. We can discuss particulars. :-)

I hope everyone is having a grand holiday/end of 2014. May 2015 be joyous for us all!

P.S. I miss you, LJ peeps.
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Work has all but consumed my life right now. I'm fighting the consumption and jealously protecting my time off, but with so many events at the theater right now, I'm working more Christmas events than I'm having the opportunity to attend. We've watched a few Christmas-y things on TV (we did our yearly viewing of The Christmas Cottage the other night, and I'm hoping to squeeze in some other favorites as well), but we've had to skip a party we'd planned to attend so that we could get our tree up and decorated (the kittens continue to tag team the tree and undecorated it on a daily basis).

It seems I get tearier than usual this time of year, particular during these more recent years.

Here's a little something I was re-introduced to yesterday. I've seen it before, but it always makes me smile, particularly the last segment. Enjoy.

I wonder if we could book these guys at the theatre.

Merry Christmas!
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I don't have a graphic to share, but my warmest wishes to my f-listies and lurkers for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and joyous and blessed 2013.

This season, one of the songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra has caught me.

Good King Joy )
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Usually, I would be posting about the highlights of the previous year right now. But I'm so far behind, I need to journal my Christmas first.

Christmas in Ohio )
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Merry Christmas, one and all! May you have a joyous day celebrated with family, friends, food, fun, and faith.

If you happen to be in the midst of celebrating the Festival of Lights, a Happy Hanukkah to you.

If this is not your day to celebrate, may your day still be filled with happiness, friendship, peace, and love.

This is the illustration the minister used as the centerpiece of our Christmas Eve homily. It is a dramatized account of something that really happened. Heartwarming and thought provoking. Peace be with you.

Last year's illustration still holds particular meaning to me as George and I continue our adoption journey.

And now I must go make ganache for the peppermint ice cream torte for today's luncheon.

May the Spirit of Joy CASCADE MAJESTICALLY through your day.
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Hail, hail! The Word made flesh.
The Babe, the Son of Mary.
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I'm very excited. One of our friends is going to Texas for Christmas, and he asked George if there's anything he could bring back for me. Geo, being the sharp thinker he is (and maybe missing the nice zip that his lamingtons usually have) told Friend that I'd really like a bottle of La Vencedora vanilla. This is the best vanilla (this, and the vanilla I got in Honduras years and years ago) I've ever used. The bottle of La Vencedora my MiL brought back from Texas many years ago finally ran out, and we haven't found anything to match.

So after the new year, I'll have a new bottle of Mexican vanilla. Yay! \o/ And my baking will be zippy again!
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Not many of my f-list have posted the meme his year, but there are a few things that have been on my mind, either recently or for a while.

Step One )

Step Two )

My Wish List )
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As mentioned earlier, I did the chocolate-citrus cake again this year. It was quite a success.

Cake after assembly and frosting, but before decorations:

I opted not to do the candied oranges again this year. The sprinkles save me time, and I think they look seasonal and festive:

Cross section of the cake:

This is a very serious and seriously rich cake. When you're done, you know you've eaten cake. One of my cousins told me that she broke out in a sweat it was so much cake.

In other words, good stuff, folks. Good stuff.

Also? Whenever I do the ganache, I think of this riff.
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Geo and I went back to Ohio for Christmas. It was really strange, and kind of didn't really feel like Christmas. This is the first Christmas we've spent somewhere other than in our own house.

We left Thursday. Travel was reasonably smooth, though there was snowy travel in the mountains in Maryland. No surprise there.

Christmas Eve )

Christmas Day )

December 26 )

Then came back Monday.

A warm thank you to [livejournal.com profile] smalltwndreamer and [livejournal.com profile] luvwinchesters for the v-gifts. They came at a much-needed time. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] just_ruth for the card. It arrived yesterday. And I've already thanked Izhi for enabling my habit the mags. :-)

And that, in a nutshell, was my Christmas weekend.
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We just got back from Christmas in Ohio, about half an hour ago. It's a little strange, because we came home to one less kitty.

I'll post about the fantastic things that happened over the weekend, it was something of a mixed bag.

Cut to save the f-list from melancholy ramblings. )

Izhi, the package was waiting for me when we got home. Thank you so much for the mags and for sharing. My heart is full for you. I'll write more when I've assimilated what you've shared. :-)

Well, I should probably go unpack. I have to work tomorrow, which was not the original plan. Meh. But maybe I'll find time to post about my weekend, because some of it was pretty faboo.
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Merry Christmas, one and all.

And if this is not your day to celebrate, may you have a happy day nonetheless.

May your day be safe and happy, spent in the warmth of those dear to you, because we are not meant to be alone.

A story from Christmas Eve service )

As my late Aunt J often signed her e-mails . . .

May the Spirit of Joy CASCADE MAJESTICALLY through your day.
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Last night Geo and I watched The Christmas Cottage. I gotta say, that movie is becoming a holiday favorite. Just a nice, quiet, heartwarming movie. Not overwrought or sappy, but a warm, fuzzy feeling that leaves me saying, "Ah, that's a nice little movie."

The characters are likable and real, and their problems are real.

And there is always a scene that makes me cry. Sometimes more than one scene. But it's not always the same scene. (Well, one scene always does, but the others vary.)

Jared is just delightful in the movie, and I love hearing him narrate as well. Geo made the comment that it's very strange to connect the young man in the movie with the young man who beheads vampires on SPN. Jared's Tom Kinkade made me realize that I really rather miss Sammy, while at the same time impressing upon me how well Jared has been playing Soulless Sam as a shallow, singleminded, empathy-less character.

Also, Jared has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. It was nice to see them again in this movie.

In short, if you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend a rental of it before the season is over. Pop some popcorn, put a fire in the fireplace, turn on your tree lights, take the phone off the hook, and just enjoy. And keep a tissue or two handy, just in case.
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We finally got the tree decorated on Saturday (Dec. 11). We also went to see a little community theater production of A Christmas Carol in Washington, Va., about half an hour away. Their local community theater has converted an old church into a theater space. I imagine the rooms that are now closed in as the sound and light booths might at one time have been a choir loft. Maybe. The only source of heat was a wood burning stove (thank you, Mr. Franklin), and there was someone sitting beside it feeding it before patrons started arriving. They had approximately 104 folding chairs set up (no pews), so it was a tight squeeze. It was quintessential community theater--the acting was serviceable, but you could tell everyone was having a great time, and the community got a great kick out of it. It was all very quaint and enjoyable.

I miss my home theater. )

We have a light dusting of snow this morning. It probably won't stick around long, but at least it's an indication that Christmas is in the air. It's strange to be hearing on the radio how other counties are under winter advisories and schools are on delays and such. I look out the window and think, "This is hardly anything, let alone worth a school delay." It must be for fog or visibility or something.

Last call for Christmas cards. I expect to be in the office by myself today, so I'm going to try to get those finished--or at least well started.
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Put up the tree tonight. We need one more strand of lights, so we can't finish until we get that, probably tomorrow after work. Listened to John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album while putting up the tree. I sang along to every single song on the album, and thought back to how many years I've listened to that album. A lot of years.

Last night, I put up the crèche last night while I listened to Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas music.

These two CDs have between them three of my favorite Christmas songs (though one isn't necessarily limited to the Christmas holiday). I've included links to YouTube vids so you can hear the songs. But don't watch the vids. Just listen to the music. (Okay, you can watch the first one, since it's actually from the Christmas special where I first heard "The Peace Carol.")

The Peace Carol )

When the River Meets the Sea )

I Pray On Christmas )

I wish I could see Christmas through the eyes of my child.


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