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I've had a very, very busy week. Maybe I'll get around to telling you about it. Been working almost non-stop for two weeks. So looking forward to the day off.

And while I've been house managing the newly opened theater, SPN boys have been doing conventions. Jus In Bello, in Rome, was last weekend. It's been a long time since I've shared the con vids that make me smile, hasn't it.

It's also been a long time since I've danced. And you know who else dances? Guess. )
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Two months late, but we've got some very pretty Winter Wonderland snow going today. Won't be going anywhere, as the cars are snowed in, but that's okay.

So there's this thing . . .  )
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It's been a long time since I've waxed poetical about Jensen Ackles, but the man is as delightful and amazing as ever. SPN won Favorite SciFi Show at the PCAs, and Jensen and Jared were there to accept the award. They were, of course, accompanied by their beautiful wives, and they all looked smashing.

Clicky the clicky )
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The office is a little noisier than usual right now, so I've not had the opportunity to listen to his properly yet. But I wanted to share the mellow richness of his wonderful voice.

I'm in a rather melancholy mood this morning, and I think Someone is trying to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure I saw an eagle this morning on the way to work. I should have S7 waiting for me when I get home--with the outtake goodies and gag reel to make me chuckle. And these lovely shots of Jensen in this vid.

Recently, I've kind of wished I learned how to play a portable instrument. I'm often frustrated with myself for giving up my piano for years and years, but I also wish I had aptitude on a portable instrument, like a guitar, or even a simple wind instrument, like a penny whistle.

Anyway, maybe if I get to work in the papers in front of me, the day will progress a little more quickly.


Jan. 10th, 2012 10:35 am
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This is why I want to see Jensen in a film noir period piece.

Picture behind the cut to save f-list from photographic spoilers and keyboard damage due to drooling and/or fainting.

Click at your own risk )

*no words*

Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:21 pm
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This weekend was the Chicago Con. (It used to always be on or near my anniversary, but they've moved it to October these past couple of times. It's sad that I know that. :-P )

A picture is worth 1,000 words--most of them unpronounceable. )
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From my lips/computer screen/thought waves/whatever to Ben Edlund's ears?

Heads-up Izhi.

Go to 25:25 for the question.
Go to 26:16 for Jensen's thoughts on this quote (though he might not even know he's repeating something I posted a couple weeks ago).
Go to 26:42 for Sera's comments regarding conversations in a look.

Note how they talk at the same time EVEN IN ASL at 27:10.

Don't mind me. I'll just be over here in the corner flailing in anticipation.

Also! Kalquessa! You were there in the room when they talked about this, but still! I must point it out.

Go to 33:24 for questions about the weapons cache. Specifically NINJA STARS and the GRENADE LAUNCHER! Chica, we were talking about that years ago. Also also? Jensen is adorable. He's such a guy.

I do not have an icon that properly expresses the degree of flailing experienced when presented with these two conversations.
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Do I really need to remind you how much I love these guys? Or would that be redundant?
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So. This past week, E! On-line has been running one of their popularity polls. Jensen made it into the final round of the "Alpha Male Madness" competition, running opposite Darren Criss of Glee (whom I'd never heard of. I don't watch Glee). It was a very heated competition, and both sides had elements that got nasty. I might write more about my observations later, but for now, this is what surprised me:

First, go take a look at the winner announcement and the posted comments they selected.

You back? Okay. That first one, the one titled "Family don't end with blood"?

That comment entry?

I wrote that.

They chose one of my entries as an example of why Jensen is awesome.

I know it's just a silly internet poll, but . . . I can't help but be all flabbergasted and stuff.

I . . . it's just a weird feeling to see something I wrote representing why Jensen is awesome. O.o How did that happen?

It's kind of exciting. :-)

You know, in a really silly, fannish, there-are-so-many-other-more-important-things-in-life way.

(And those of you who know about our looking into adoption can imagine how the whole adoptive/surrogate family storyline has added yet another layer to the show for me, yeah? But that's another entry for another time.)

If you're interested, here's the original entry )
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Only one minorminor spoiler, and only if you've been living under a rock since . . . PaleyFest? The con previous to that? I dunno. Anyway:

They crack me up! I love them so freakin' much. They make my day in an empty office brighter.

I have also decided that if I ever get a chance to go to a con, I think I'd like it to be Jus in Bello. The European cons seem more laid-back and relaxed, plus, it's in ITALY! I've never been! And everyone I know who has been has loved it!

Of course, the closest thing to speaking a second language I have is my very rusty Spanish. So Barcelona might not be impossible (hypothetically). I'd LOVE to go to England (and Scotland and Ireland, while I'm there), but I've heard that those are very congested and somewhat disorganized and exhausting.

Of course, I'd have LOVED to be able to go to the Nashville con. That one was close enough to taste it, except for the cost. And not having anyone to go with. Alas, 'tis simply not meant to be.
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First, I feel I must put a warning on this video (in case I have underaged readers). The source material upon which it is based is rated R in the USA.

The second warning is for adults. Be sure you are not eating or drinking anything while watching this vid. Neither I nor the vidder nor the subjects of the vid are responsible for any choking deaths that might occur.

Watch at your own risk )
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Okay, gang. This video is love:

Also, Jensen. And there are some thoroughly delightful interviews with Jared floating around, too.

Warning for mild spoilers. If you've been living under a rock and don't want to know anything, don't watch this. Everything else I think is pretty common promotional knowledge. Also, he breaks my heart just a little bit.

Also also )
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For those who were not aware:

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WARNING for a mysterious spoiler in the second video.

Because you all know how much I love to hear them talk about their profession. With bonus chair dancing and "I lost my shoe."

Also, mysteriously disappearing set items, and Jensen's custom wardrobe:

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I love Jensen. He's awesome and brilliant, and I love him.

Also? I want to meet his mother. LOL!


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