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From Danneel Ackles' twitter:

Jensen, his cake, and his Kelly(wardrobe girl at Supernatural and baker extraordinaire!)

Jensen's 35th

Danneel also says, regarding donations to the Baby Ackles charity designation:

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.Jensen said its the best birthday gift he could have received.
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First for the random. Geo and I were listening to Styx in the car the other day. Can someone please tell me why Blue Collar Man has not yet been used as a season-opening or mid-season "The Road So Far"? Long nights, impossible odds, indeed. Also, Boat on the Water, which would just break my brain with the implications for Dean and Sam if the river in question is the River Styx.

And considering that "Renegade" is still, in my book, one of the--if not THE--best uses of a music cue in the show . . . Seriously. More Styx, please.

Also, it's about time they used "China Grove" on the show. Every time I hear it on the radio, I wonder when they're going to use it on Show. So, we have that out of the way now.

Now, about that promotion:

From Misnamed Handmaiden to Battlefield Captain: The (LARPing) Rise of Dean Winchester )

And in completely unrelated news . . .  )
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Happy birthday, my friend. Have a fantabulous day, and many more!
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In case you haven't seen it yet, vids are starting to show up from the Supernatural convention in Burbank this weekend. (With everyone now going to Twitter, it's getting harder for me to find them. Hopefully, people will continue to put their vids on YT as well.)

And Dick Speight presented Jensen with a birthday cake.

The first vid: I had to link to it, because for some reason, it wouldn't let me embed it. It's more complete, but is shot from further away, and the audio is more difficult to decipher. If you listen really closely, you can make out most of it, though.

This vid won't let me embed.

Vid by kelios

Jensen does know how to make fun out of his embarrassment. I love him so.

ETA: One more. (Close-up of cake face. Warning: Turn the volume way down.)

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Happy Birthday, Cheese Elf! If my calculations are correct, you're entering the best years of your life! Have a grand day and a splendiferous year!
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Had a very nice weekend this past weekend. The parental units came to visit for my b-day. The weather was unseasonably warm (I really do wish we'd get a substantial snow at some point. It doesn't feel like we've had winter at all), and we did a little downtown shopping, watched some TV (introduced the folks to BBC's Sherlock), and had people in for cupcakes and ice cream (on Saturday).

George made waffles for breakfast on my b-day, and we ate out at some of our favorite restaurants over the weekend. For my b-day dinner, we checked out someplace new, The Silk Mill Grill, which is in a building that used to be a parachute factory during WWII.

Geo gave me S5 of N3. From Mother and Daddy I got some spending money and a sweater. From my MiL, I got a little spending money and a nice mug.

Saturday was a lazy day, and people in, in the early evening. (Also, there's a new cajun place somewhere in town. George brought in red beans and rice for dinner. Yummy!)

Sunday was church, lunch at Giovanna, and nap time when we got home.

Birthday shout-outs )
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] kimmer1227! Have a fantabulous day!
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Happy B-day! I'm a day early by my clock, but by yours I think I'm on time this year?

Anyway, *confetti* *party horns* Yay!
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Happy Birthday, Carol!

I hope your day is fantastic!
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Tonight is the season premiere of H50, which Geo has been looking forward to. Friday is the SPN season premiere, which I have been looking forward to.

The weather is cooling off. Fall is definitely on the way.

We had waffles made with Geo's new waffle maker for breakfast on Saturday. Very tasty indeed.

Then we had a delightful time for Geo's b-day open house. I made (from scratch) a strawberry cake with cream cheese coconut frosting, and Geo made vanilla ice cream.

Should probably go start supper now.
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September 15: George's b-day. We went out for dinner at the Bavarian Chef last night to celebrate. I was also very tickled by the present I got him, and he was very tickled, too. I got him a Presto waffle maker. Waffles for breakfast on Saturday! Woo hoo!

September 16 (today): We finally got our paperwork finished and delivered it to the adoption agency. We're still working on our reading material, but we had a nice sit-down with our social worker. Now on to the next step.

On the way home, we stopped at a nifty little grill/tavern that we've driven past a lot but never tried. It was very nice. Relaxed, and good food.

Tomorrow we're inviting people in for strawberry cake and homemade ice cream to celebrate Geo's b-day.

And next week . . .

SPN S7 begins! I must admit, I'm getting a little excited. I'm also trying to figure out when I'm going to marathon S6. I got the Blu-Ray (still debating whether or not I should have gone with the standard), and I want to get through all the episodes to make sure they're okay before the new season starts.
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Have a grand day!
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Happy Birthday, hon!

Wishing you all the best in friends, family, food, and fun! (Oh, and hey, doesn't Dr. Who start up again tonight? How appropriate. A Time Lord on your birthday.)

I hope it's grand!
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Had a belated birthday celebration on Saturday (after a staged reading for our new community theater group we're getting started). Just a few friends over for cake and ice cream.

Since this year I'm the answer to life, the universe and everything ( . . . or rather, my age is . . . ), my geek friend gave me a towel. Light and dark blue striped, for the record. Several folks had to leave for various reasons (overworked toddler, teen had to be somewhere, etc.), but Geek Friend and occasional Cat/House Sitter stuck around, and we watched an ep of Ghost Adventures, which is nothing but mock-worthy, and "Hell House."

All in all, a fun evening.

More kudos for Geo. My mom sent us the January copy of Ohio Magazine, the issue entitled "Best of Ohio." On pages 57 - 58, one entry is called "Movie Talk."

Movie Talk

Everybody loves to talk about movies, but nobody does it like the gang at Filmically Perfect. Every Friday aftrnoon on WYSO-FM (91.3), the public radio station in Yellow Springs, movie nuts J. Todd Anderson and George Willeman joined by host Niki Dakota, spend 30 minutes poring over favorite classic films that meet their four rules for movie perfection. As Anderson, a Hollywood storyboard artist, and Willeman, a government film archivist, hold forth on how everything from
Jaws to The Misfits to White Zombie met these criteria, they don't just teach--they make you laugh your socks off, too. You can find their podcasts at perfectmovie.net.

Or you can find the link on my links list.
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Thank you, all my wonderful f-listies, for the birthday greetings, v-gifts, and fics-to-come. They made my day brighter.

My birthday passed in a whirlwind of uneventfulness. Work, meetings, etc. I received in the mail some beautiful earrings from my MiL, and a card from Cousin J. Also, calls from parents and Li'l Bro, which I returned after my evening meeting.

After said meeting, Geo took me out for a late dinner at one of our several Chinese restaurants. It's been forever since I've had beef broccoli. And mango moshi ice cream for dessert.

I also hope my fortune in the fortune cookie is accurate.

Tonight was supposed to be the mid-season premiere of SPN, but alas, in their disorganization and bait-and-switch, CW has decided to postpone it for a week. Don't get me started.

Saturday is my actual party, with guests and everything.

Today is the groundbreaking for the renovations of the theater. FINALLY!
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Happy Birthday, m'dear! May it be a grand one, and may the year ahead be filled with family, friends, and fun!

Cheers! *raises glass of birthday bubbly*
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Happy Birthday, m-dear. Hope it is grand!
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Hope it's a grand one!
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Geo's b-day was Wednesday. Since it was mid-week, our personal celebration was very low-key.

Then last night, Geo's work screened Streets of Fire*, one of Geo's favorite '80s films. He introduced the movie, and for the pre-show, he put together 45 minutes of '80s music videos. What fun!

Coconut cake is one of Geo's favorites, so today I made--totally from scratch--homemade coconut cake. Even the shredded coconut is from scratch, which was an interesting experience.

I've never done anything quite like this, and I think it turned out pretty good.

It's a three-layer cake, the cake is a butter cake batter, the frosting is a marshmallow creme, and the coconut is fresh shredded.

I'll get back to you on the the flavor. I think it's going to be fantastic!

*More on that later.
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Romantic surprise never gets old or outdated. It just becomes more unexpected as time goes by.

Yesterday, Geo brought me a dozen peach roses at work. I'm sorry to say I was out running errands at the time, and he couldn't stay, as he had to get back to his office. But it was such an unexpected surprise that when I found them on my desk, I didn't know who they were from (no card), and thought there must be some mistake. My boss told me that Geo had delivered them himself.

Today was Geo's b-day. We both had to work, but we went out for dinner tonight, and had cupcakes with presents.

When we were sitting in the restaurant, the Muzak started playing some familiar music. "I'm having Dr. Sexy, MD flashes," I said to Geo. "Listen." So we listened. "That's the music they played for Dr. Sexy."

"It is, isn't it," said Geo. We both got a laugh out of it.

Also, tickets to the musical arrived today. *squee*


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