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Well, it's been a few days since the ep aired, but unexpected things have been going on in RL, and thus, this is back burner material. But anyway, here I am.

So, what about this ep. I liked it okay. The wolf storyline didn't really do anything for me one way or the other. Kind of interesting to see a more "civilized" version of SPN wolves, but otoh, it felt kind of trendy and cliche as well. *shrug*

Then there was the Winchester stuff.

Dean. I really liked Dean quite a lot, as I usually--okay, always--do. I'm delighted that he didn't hide the Mark of Cain from Sam, and that he was very matter-of-fact about it. About everything, really. He didn't get the case-related lie past Sam, which is good, and then everything else was just taking care of business. Loved how quick and clean his kills were, how he is Alpha Hunter, and how he was ready to admit his mistakes when it came to Garth's new situation. I particularly loved how he initiated the hug with Garth. "Hurry up before I change my mind." It seems, in a way, that each of this round of supporting characters is finding a home and a place to belong. In some cases, leaving Sam and Dean behind. Maybe this is where things are heading (still)? Leading Dean and Sam to a place where each feels he belongs?

And Sam. In many ways, Sam behaved just as I expected him to. Angry and hurt, he's giving Dean ultimatums. I wish the writers would finish Sam's sentences. He's so enigmatic with his dropped sentences or unfinished thoughts, we're only left to know that whatever he meant, Dean acquiesced. I've read some things around the 'net regarding what people think Sam meant or was saying, and they all make sense, but it seems that it also takes a significant degree of interpretation. I interpret Sam's words as meaning that he and Dean can either work together or be brothers--not both, and those are his terms. Dean reluctantly agreed. This at least gives him a partner at his back. And Sam would rather be Dean's partner than his brother, which has got to be a little gut-wrenching for Dean. Other interpretations of Sam's meaning are more forgiving.

Wherever they're going with this, I hope that Sam is prepared to pull Dean from whatever ledge he's poised to step off of.
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