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Well, it's been a few days since the ep aired, but unexpected things have been going on in RL, and thus, this is back burner material. But anyway, here I am.

So, what about this ep. I liked it okay. The wolf storyline didn't really do anything for me one way or the other. Kind of interesting to see a more "civilized" version of SPN wolves, but otoh, it felt kind of trendy and cliche as well. *shrug*

Then there was the Winchester stuff.

Dean. I really liked Dean quite a lot, as I usually--okay, always--do. I'm delighted that he didn't hide the Mark of Cain from Sam, and that he was very matter-of-fact about it. About everything, really. He didn't get the case-related lie past Sam, which is good, and then everything else was just taking care of business. Loved how quick and clean his kills were, how he is Alpha Hunter, and how he was ready to admit his mistakes when it came to Garth's new situation. I particularly loved how he initiated the hug with Garth. "Hurry up before I change my mind." It seems, in a way, that each of this round of supporting characters is finding a home and a place to belong. In some cases, leaving Sam and Dean behind. Maybe this is where things are heading (still)? Leading Dean and Sam to a place where each feels he belongs?

And Sam. In many ways, Sam behaved just as I expected him to. Angry and hurt, he's giving Dean ultimatums. I wish the writers would finish Sam's sentences. He's so enigmatic with his dropped sentences or unfinished thoughts, we're only left to know that whatever he meant, Dean acquiesced. I've read some things around the 'net regarding what people think Sam meant or was saying, and they all make sense, but it seems that it also takes a significant degree of interpretation. I interpret Sam's words as meaning that he and Dean can either work together or be brothers--not both, and those are his terms. Dean reluctantly agreed. This at least gives him a partner at his back. And Sam would rather be Dean's partner than his brother, which has got to be a little gut-wrenching for Dean. Other interpretations of Sam's meaning are more forgiving.

Wherever they're going with this, I hope that Sam is prepared to pull Dean from whatever ledge he's poised to step off of.

Date: 2014-01-30 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wind-storms.livejournal.com
I am on my own ledge regarding the brother stuff. I liked the episode okay until the last five minutes. Honestly, I wish Dean had not gotten out of the car and just left. I've seen people saying the brother relationship is dead and they wish they had finally gone their own ways and the show would do separate episodes, a Dean episode and then a Sam episode, etc. I hate to say it but I kind of get it.

The end left me really unsettled and I am still bothered by it days later. I can't explain it. I watch other shows that are written better than SPN is at this point, but they don't affect me the way the boys do. I expect Sam to be mad, but why the hell would he want to hunt with Dean but imply they would not be brothers anymore? That is about the worst thing he could ever say to Dean. I don't know if it is because I am a newcomer to the show and if the other brother fights over the years would have upset me this much. But the thing about the fighting in say, S4 and S5, was it was handled much better. I don't have much faith in the writers to *fix* this and it hurts to watch. If the writers don't get that people watch the show for the brothers by this point I wish it wasn't going to get a S10.

Regarding the Cain and Abel parallels, I am starting to wonder if Dean is going to go darkside from the mark and all his guilt. And if Sam not having his tattoo anymore will leave him wide open for the Abaddon possession instead of Dean, and if there will be some sort of Dean almost killing Sam type of arc and I just don't want it to go there.

I was glad to see Sam told Dean about the grace and Dean told Sam about the mark without going several episodes of both of them hiding things. I was okay with them being strained working together and planning to go back to hunting on their own after they settled the werewolf case. So basically, it was a filler episode that I was okay with until the end ripped my heart out.

Date: 2014-02-09 01:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] feliciakw.livejournal.com
I have thoughts after the most recent ep that I shall try to put together, maybe even today.

I would love if they would actually split the guys up for more than one ep. Max of three, but yes, have them working separate (and equally interesting) cases for two or three weeks before they get back together. I don't see anything wrong with that, and it would give each of the actors time off to spend with their new little ones.

There was a time when Izhilzha used to tell me, "Trust the writers." Back in S1-S3. I haven't trusted the writers in a long time, which might be why I'm not as invested as I used to be. I still enjoy watching the show, and it still gives me thinky thoughts, but not as deep or profound as they used to be.

Date: 2014-02-07 01:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] izhilzha.livejournal.com
I loved the conversation at the end, because I feel like that was all stuff they've needed to say for a while, and it was clearing the air. I myself was pretty angry with Dean back when the angels fell, because saving your brother when you could have let him choose to save the world... well, it's loving on one level, but messed up on another. (And I say this as someone who really identifies with Dean's issues.)

So I loved it... until the very end. I think Sam needs to have more compassion and be less hardcore about this stuff. But I also see his point. As far as Sam can see, the times Dean jumps off ledges are usually when he feels like he needs to save Sam. If Sam can get Dean to see him as a fellow hunter, as and equal, above their bond as family, above the view of "older and younger brother"... I think he hopes that Dean will learn to let Sam make choices for himself, and learn to step back off those ledges.

May not work. Was not handled well, there at the end. But... at least it's trying something new for them. I'll have to see what the show does from here.

Date: 2014-02-09 01:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] feliciakw.livejournal.com
Part of the situation with closing the gates is the writers. We know closing the gates and eliminating all demons from the SPN mythos will never happen. So the question then becomes, what actually happens if the gates of Hell are sealed? As Dean said in a previous season, "Who would have thought killing Lilith would be a bad thing?" And yet, it was. So what actually happens if the gates of Hell are sealed permanently? Is the SPN universe predicated on balance? (We've never been given indication that it is, but goodness knows the writers have been changing the rules lately.) And Dean pointed out that they have a ton of information to get the job done without Sam dying.

It was a dicy call, and Dean did what Dean does.

Sam. Oh, Sam. You have valid points. You know nothing about talking to you brother in a way he'll understand. Try finishing a sentence once in a while, yeah?

After the most recent ep, I have thoughts. I shall try to write them up.


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