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Well, there's two episodes in a row where I would keep watching if I had the next chapter. They're on a role.

I am ambivalent and troubled by Dean now carrying the mark of Cain. I am unsettled by this development, even more so than Castiel was unsettled by jam.

And while the fudging of scripture always makes me twitchy, the parallels they wrote between Cain and Able and Dean and Sam are fitting, and I kind of like them. Cain traded his soul for Abel's just as Dean traded his soul for Sam way back in the day. They fit Cain's backstory to Dean's, which is kind of cool.

And I did rather like him as a character.

I liked Tara. Sorry that she's gone.

Dean and Crowley working together. Crowley still playing Dean. Blergh. (That's a comment on the character, not on the show.)

Sam and Cas getting some bonding time in, and Cas fully healing Sam. Yay, there are no excuses now.

Although Dean said when he left that he was going to hunt down Gadreel. Alone. Now Sam is hunting down Gadreel. Is Sam trying to beat Dean to the punch? Hm . . .

Sam and the angel going after an angel.
Dean and the demon going after a demon.
A change-up for sure.

I believe the actress playing Colette was Anna Galvin, whom I know from a previous fandom, The Sentinel. Will have to check.

Quite a cool fight scene, too.

BTW, was that Bobby's kitchen? (The set, I mean. Of course.)

Yes, this is one I'll be re-watching.
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